Friday, September 26, 2014

My daughter said to update my blog

Here's the thing:  I can't think of anything notable that has happened lately that anybody would be interested in reading about, except, of course, for the antics of the little girl we babysit, the biggest ray of sunshine in our lives.  And I share enough about her on Facebook; I'd rather keep her out of this spot on the Internet.  I have done some entries in her private blog this week, so it isn't like I'm not blogging at all.  

I will admit that Facebook is bad for a blogger.  I say everything I have to say there, and I'm too lazy to make a complete entry about my twenty-five assorted Facebook posts of the day.  

The garden is done and it may be my last one.  My knees, more and more, are limiting my physical activities.  This, in turn, makes me lose a lot of enthusiasm for all the things I used to blog about.The stationary bike did fix one knee problem, in that my natural knee no longer catches painfully like it used to.  So I continue to use the bike regularly.

Work is coming along on the old house.  Dry wall is being put up, plumbing is in, electricity, air conditioners, and furnace are in place.  

Maybe it was coincidence that when I decided after dinner there was nothing notable to blog about, something came along.  I was piled up on the couch for an afternoon nap when my cell phone rang.  It was Cliff, calling to tell me the four horses that live here got out.  He had sold a disc on Craigslist, and the man who bought it was coming to get it.  So he went to the big lot where he had parked it to drag it closer to the house, where it could be loaded.  He opened the gate and, as he was driving through, looked out to see the horses far away in the big pasture.  So he left the gate open and went on to get the disc.  He happened to look up again and see the four horses galloping at full speed toward the lot he was in and the wide-open gate.  Before he could even say, "Oh no", the horses were out and crossing the highway.  

These are horses that can't be easily caught on a normal day, and they certainly don't intend to be caught when they are out in the big, wide world.  We knew it was futile, but we followed them from one yard to another, back and forth and across the road and back.  

There is one filly who isn't as wild as the others, so I worked on getting a halter and lead rope on her, and finally succeeded.  However, I couldn't hold her when the other horses ran off kicking and bucking, so Cliff grabbed the lead rope and somehow restrained her, fighting and rearing as she was.  He got her back home and shut her in the small lot, and in the end, that's how we won the battle.  The other horses kept coming back to her, and once we got them near a gate, we opened it and they ran right on through.  By this time, the man had come to get his disc, and he helped us chase horses for awhile toward the end of the adventure.

We're tired and sweaty and now my knees hurt worse than usual.  But at least I did a blog entry.  I hope my daughter is happy.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I quit blogging because I felt like there was nothing interesting going on in my life. If I'm bored by my life, I know other people surely have no interest in my goings on, lol. But conversely, I do love to follow your posts here and on Facebook, and I still read a handful of blogs by people that I started blogging with who are still updating their blogs.

My deepest sympathies on your knees. My doctor said "knee replacement" several times yesterday when I had my appointment with her. I really don't want to think about that yet since I'm not quite 51, but I know that more than likely it's unavoidable. Not quite yet though.

Margaret said...

Other people's blogs are never boring to me. I enjoy hearing about the small things of life and the feelings or the stories about the past.

Sister--Three said...

Your knees sound about like mine!

Oh the life of a cripple! That is how I feel most days!
Keep thinking .... If I weren't so fat maybe it would be better!

Sister--Three said...
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sorry to hear your knees are giving you a fit. The replacement was supposed to make life easier. Sorry it hasn't. That is quite the adventure you had with the horses. Glad they are all back, safe and sound.

ADB said...

Facebook is indeed bad for blogging, but well done to you for keeping us up to date. Hope something can be done for your knees, that can be so painful.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I missed your entries but thought maybe you'd gone on vacation somewhere. Glad you took the time to check in with us and that you got the horses back in safely.