Sunday, September 07, 2014


People will be around today, and I wanted to have something for anyone to eat who happens to show up.  Every time I thought of something I'd like to cook, I seemed to be missing at least one vital ingredient.  We don't live next-door to a store, and I hate worse than anything making a trip for one item, especially on a day that has enough other stuff going on.  Cliff saved the day by suggesting chili.

As I was going about the preparations for chili, gratitude began to fill my heart for so many things:

1.  That huge pan, the only one in the house that will hold a quadruple batch of chili or a double batch of home-made noodles (I think it holds two gallons).  Thank you, Charlene Marlow, for giving me that pan years ago.  
2.  I can't raise good onions; if I try to store them, they rot in the middle.  So I dice them and freeze them.  I was so thankful not to have to dice four cups of onions this morning.  Thank you, lousy onions, for being faulty and forcing me to freeze you.
3.  Most years I have a wonderful sweet-pepper crop, but I always have far more than I can use, so I dice them and freeze them.  Thank you, pepper plants, for the good winter supply of a vegetable that is rather expensive to buy in the store!
4.  My two favorite cows had to be butchered last year, one because she wouldn't re-breed, the other because after her calf died, her udder was so messed up I couldn't have milked her.  Those cows were pets, but we have no qualms eating them.  Today three pounds of ground beef is there in my chili.  I know it's from Bonnie because there is a little fat in her meat.  Jody's meat is practically fat-free.  Thank you, Nadlers, for processing our milk cows so that they didn't die in vain.  I am so glad you are less than a mile from our house.
5.  I have my own tomatoes to use in the chili.  One quart failed to seal this year, so I put it in a freezer bag.  Used that along with one jar that did seal.  
6.  Beans, dry beans!  I happened to have a couple of one-pound bags of small red beans in the cabinet, so I soaked them overnight, cooked them this morning, and have now added them to the chili. 

And now, after all that gratitude, I just realized that we are out of saltines.  Maybe my daughter has some at her house.  Somehow I doubt it, but I'll see.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had thought about making chili yesterday but my daughter took me shopping with her instead. I could make it today, but I want to go outside and do some painting on the porch, so I won't. It does sound wonderful since it is cooler here, but it'll have to wait. Maybe next weekend I'll get to it. Hope you all enjoy it. It looks like you have enough for a crowd. I love how you count your blessings! I hope your daughter has the saltines! Happy Sunday!

Margaret said...

Homemade chili is the best. I leave out the peppers(don't like them) and add corn. I usually use three different kinds of beans, but no meat.Then lots of cheese on the top of a serving. Yummy.

Jon said...

If it's homemade chili, I'll be there faster than a jackrabbit.

....but it ain't chili without Saltines......


That is a HUGE pot of chili. Looks good. Lots to be thankful for, for sure.