Monday, September 01, 2014

Fresh, canned, or frozen from the garden

Yesterday Cliff took down the low electric fence that he put around the garden to keep raccoons out; then he asked me if I wanted him to just go ahead and mow it all.  I went out and told him where to mow and where not to:  Not the tomatoes, since they have given me enough that yesterday and today I canned fourteen quarts.  Anyway, they have cages around them.  Not the okra.  Oh, and that one row of weeds?  There are carrots and beets planted there, so leave that.  And the sweet peppers.

"What about the corn," he asked.  

"Let me go check.  I think there might be four or five ears left."  

By the way, if you have never planted a variety of sweet corn called "Bodacious", you are missing out.  You will never again eat any other kind.  It has Peaches-and-Cream totally outclassed.  

So this morning I have chopped two quarts of peppers for the freezer in anticipation of chili this winter.  I have canned tomatoes.  And I have gotten corn ready to cook and put in the freezer.  It's the tomatoes I'm especially thankful for, since as I said in a previous entry, I had given up on them.  

And the garden looks so much better with the weeds mowed.  


Margaret said...

Corn doesn't grow well for me; I think it's better in Eastern Washington climate. I do love peaches and cream and what my late MIL used to call candy corn. (is there such a thing?) So, I'm sure I would adore that!! Garden looks great with the weeds mowed!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are so blessed to have such good things from your garden.

Jon said...

In a land where all I can harvest are tumbleweeds, I'm admittedly envious of your garden.

Really nice photos!


I tell you that corn of yours looks mighty good. Had my first corn of the season today, believe it or not.