Saturday, September 27, 2014

It was great day for a tractor ride

Some of our tractor club members took tractors to display at the Apples, Arts, and Antiques festival today.  Since Lexington is only about ten miles from our house, we were able to ride the big Oliver 1855 over there.  

Before we left our little town, we had to gas up.  

I love riding in the open air along the Missouri River.  "This is fun!" I told Cliff.  

There weren't as many tractors on display as there often are because many of our club members are farmers, and they are busy harvesting corn right now.  

There was a scarecrow contest going on.  

I wandered around on my own for quite a while.  The library was having a book sale, and I got myself a whole grocery bag of books for a dollar.  I got two books for myself and about a dozen children's books for a little daughter of my grandson's friend who is helping him with the house.

I finally called Cliff and agreed to meet him back where the tractors were parked in front of the courthouse.  

We got on a bus and took an audio tour of historic Lexington.  If you are ever in Lexington, you can go to the city's website and download the audio tour, which will direct you around the town and give information about some of the houses and buildings, as well as the town cemetery.  Click HERE to download the tour.

There were lots of mums for sale.  

I was having such a good day, I asked Cliff if we could stop by Catfish Charlie's on our way home.  A good end to a relaxing and fun day!



That looks like a fun day.

Margaret said...

I want those MUMS! Patt loved them and always bought them, but they're expensive and it's been a hard financial month. :( The pictures remind me that I should probably start decorating a bit for fall.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like your weather is nice like ours. It's been beautiful to get out and about.