Friday, September 05, 2014

Charles Gusewelle

I have followed Gusewelle for years.  I used to send him poems I wrote about his articles, back in some of the hardest times (financially) of our marriage.  

The thing that impressed me was that he always wrote a polite letter back to me.  Hey, some of my poems are really pathetic, but he never made fun of me.  There was one winter when the two brightest spots in my life were Kody, a kid I babysat back then, and Gusewelle's three-times-a-week column.  

KCPT is doing a fund drive, and they did a Gusewelle special.  

(I will try to finish this with Cliff griping at me because I won't commit to go ing to his family reunion tomorrow, and he won't shut up about it.  I want to wake up tomorrow and decide.  He doesn't seem to like that approach.  But I digress.)

You can watch the Gusewelle thing HERE, but if you haven't followed him for years as I have, it probably won't mean much to you.  

I have read dozens of the columns he wrote over the years talking about his cabin in the northern Ozarks; so when I saw KCPT offer a chance for two people to meet him at his cabin in October (with a whole bunch of other people, of course) for $160, I told Cliff I would love to do that.  He said, "Go ahead."  

Gusewelle spoke at some sort of fundraiser thing right here in our little community a couple of years ago, but I was afraid I would have to dress up or something, so I chickened out and didn't go.  

We are SO doing this!  Thanks, Cliff!   


Kevin E said...

Hey, cool! Good for you! Congratulations before it even takes place!

I've been a big Guswelle fan and follower myself, for years, and always loved reading about that cabin. (We are a big Catholic family and never had or knew such a luxury).

If I could do the contribution, I'd do it, too. Good for you. Good for Cliff.

Margaret said...

You are amazing and I love how you go after what you want and follow your passions. You are an inspiration.


What an interesting man. I'm glad you are going. Chances like this are rare. ENJOY!