Friday, July 05, 2013

I love the Fourth of July

Nephew Scott called Cliff a few days ago and asked if we were going to be around on the Fourth.  For several years now, it's been his practice to spend Independence Day out here with us.  We like to have the son-in-law, Kevin, do the barbecuing on occasions like this, so Cliff gave him some money and told him to buy what he needed and do the honors.  I made potato salad, deviled eggs (which I messed up a little, but they were eatable), Old Settler's beans, and beets from the garden that I pickled a couple of days ago.  I don't can my pickled beets, I just pickle a whole bunch of them and store them in the fridge, and we eat them with meals until they're gone.  They keep like that for a month, according to the cookbook.  Around here, they don't last that long.  For dessert I made Oreo Delight and cherry cheesecake (Scot's favorite).    
Scotty and his lady Marsha brought his mom along.  She is the mother of all three of Don's kids, and although they've been divorced for years, we have many mutual memories of good times when our kids were young that it was great to have her spend the day with us. 
While I was preparing the food Wednesday, Cliff said, "Why don't you call your cousin?  She and Russ might want to come tomorrow."  
"Oh, I don't think Russ is going to feel like it," I told him.  A few days ago when we stopped by to visit them, he wasn't feeling well at all.  But then I decided it wouldn't hurt to call.  Russ answered the phone sounding quite perky, and said, "We'll be there!"  

Former sister-in-law Bev, my cousin Betty, and her husband, Russ
We ate in the shop, as usual.  It's sort of a pain carting the food and utensils out there, but it's become tradition.  That's the place to spend the Fourth, or any other occasion when more than ten people are going to be eating here.  

Scott and Cliff, having a good time
The other day I tipped the bowl of the birdbath trying to clean it, and dropped it.  That thing is HEAVY, so I decided to get some younger people out there to put it back together.

Somebody's dirt bike wouldn't start after it was out in the pasture

Most of our guests left, but the grandson, Heather, her brother, and Titan stuck around, as did the two granddaughters, Monica and Natalie.  It wasn't easy to get the above picture, because they all wanted to act as though they were looking at fireworks instead of looking at the camera.

Why do they do the things they do?  They even got Cliff involved in their nonsense.  

A little horseplay between Heather and Arick, as Heather's brother looks on.

Titan looked so pretty watching the sunset that I got down on the ground on my belly to take this picture.  Unfortunately, as soon as I snapped the shot he turned his head, saw me on the ground, and decided I wanted to play.  I barely escaped with my life.  

It was a good day in so many ways I can't even count them.


Jon said...

Your photos made me feel like I was at your family gathering. I wish I could have had some of that cherry cheesecake.

I have a birdbath exactly like yours and it is indeed very heavy.
When there isn't any water in it the cats like to sleep in it!

Helen said...

Sounds as if all had a fun day.

Judy Dingus said...

That looks like a wonderful day! Glad that Russ and Betty could join you. Those young'uns add a different dimension to a family gathering, don't they? Looks like you had so much fun going on there, I can see why you love the 4th of July!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like you had a wonderful 4th! It's been rainy here. That picture of Titan is a good one!


What great fun having your family together. Glad you enjoyed the holiday.