Friday, July 19, 2013

Mighty peculiar

A few years back, I had the misfortune of getting the same cell phone number that some weird person had owned previously.  I kept getting calls asking for Darryl, sometimes accompanied
by some colorful messages.  Eventually I even found out Darryl's last name was Wallicker.  Some of his callers had fun joking around with his last name, particularly the "licker" portion of it.   
You can read about the Darryl saga HERE.  Eventually I learned to just have fun with the calls and roll with the flow; they finally dwindled down to nothing, and these days I have a different number.  

Cliff has had the same phone number for about ten years and never had a problem until the past month or so.  That's the part that confuses us, because if nobody else has had that number in ten years, how could he suddenly be getting calls about drug deals?  
Yes, that's right.  One text message told him to bring home a bowl of ganja; I had to go to Google to see what they meant.  The guy texted asking Cliff to bring some for Taz, too.   
We don't do texts, so after receiving several messages along this line, I called and had ATT fix it so we don't get text messages or photos.  That's when our "friends" started calling about the same time, right after midnight, every single night, sometimes hanging up, sometimes leaving a voice mail.  We never hear the phone ringing, because Cliff leaves his phone in the living room when he goes to bed.  Still, who wants to have to check on all those missed calls every morning?  

People calling from two different motel rooms rang Cliff this morning, one of them demanding her phone back.  I know they came from a motel because I called the numbers, and a desk clerk or cleaning lady or somebody like that answered saying the name of the motel.  I couldn't understand what the name was, though, even after asking her twice to repeat it.  

So I called AT&T to see if it would be possible to block a single number, figuring we'd get rid of the midnight caller, at least.  I explained our nuisance calls to her.  
Yes indeed, I was told, for $4.99 a month I could block up to thirty numbers.  But the first ninety days are free.  
"Could I just use the ninety days and then stop the plan before any charge is incurred?"  
"Most definitely, and I can have it cancel automatically so you won't have to call to cancel it."  

Well, that was easy.  So I blocked the midnight caller and the two motel rooms from which we received calls.  I told Cliff to be sure and make note of any other strange calls he gets, because I can block a lot more numbers still.


Margaret said...

That is really weird!! I often think about calling my husband's old cell phone number just to see who answers, but then am too creeped out to do it. :(

Back Porch Writer said...

Well at least that works!

Pamela Jarman said...

Jerry has had his number for 20 years now & he started getting text messages one day from a family who thought they were messaging their daughter, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend named Tracy who just turned 14 and got her first cell phone! The funniest were the text messages from her mother mad as all get out that Tracy wasn't responding to her messages to CALL HER NOW!

I finally called Mom and told her she was calling & texting the wrong number and Mom was sure apologetic for telling everyone in her contact list to call Tracy at the wrong number! She quickly sent out the correct phone number which was 1 digit off from Jerry's!


I don't give my number out either. But I get calls telling me I won a free vacation, plane trip, cruise, etc. good way you found to stop it.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Cliff could have just hit forward and sent the texts to the police.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Oh, and tell your other commentor that you can register a cell phone number with the National Do Not Call Registery which will eventually end "winning" calls and sales pitch calls.