Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Around the garden

Can you tell Chickie is growing?  If she's on the roost she will step right onto my hand and sing and chat with me.  However, if she is running around on the ground, she won't let me approach.  

My three original zucchini plants are still producing.  Notice the missing leaves:  When I find a leaf with lots of squash bug eggs on the underneath side, I remove it and toss it in the trash barrel.  Sometimes if the bugs only occupy a small portion of the leaf I will do a partial leafectomy. 

 Won't be long till we have corn-on-the-cob, or roastin' ears, as we called it when I was growing up in Iowa.

I only have one eggplant, but it is LOADED.  I used two of the eggplants this morning, making ratatouille and eggplant parmesan.  There are a couple more that are ready to use.  See the little cantaloupe in front of it?  

   Beyond the eggplant are pepper plants.  They have started producing, too.  Tomato plants are also in the picture.

This is the start of some okra blooms.  It seems to be taking forever for these buds to turn into flowers.

And this, my friends, is why my chickens will now be grounded from leaving the coop.  They ruined two ripening tomatoes.  



A shame about the tomatoes. Chickie is one cute bird.

Margaret said...

Chickie is no longer a chick!! Pretty coloring. (remember that I know nothing about chickens--my husband was the Farm Boy) :) I'm amazed by your garden. I especially want that corn. My MIL used to grow peaches and cream and candy corn; it was amazing stuff! My tomatoes, except a few cherry ones, aren't ripening very fast, in spite of our sunny weather. I want Home Grown Tomatoes, as John Denver sang in one of my husband's favorite (silly) songs!

Helen said...

Soon Chickie will no longer be little.Pretty girl. Your garden looks great.