Monday, November 12, 2012

Meat for the freezer

It was a busy morning around here.  As soon as we were back from our walk, we got ready to process the deer Heather shot for us.  Last week I bought a $100 meat grinder from Walmart, and today we put it to the test.  We were over halfway done with the job when Cliff said, "You know what?  You haven't taken any pictures."  
I held up my gloved hands and said, "Taking pictures would be a little messy after handling ground deer meat; but I could take my gloves off and get a couple of pictures."  
My camera was still in my coat pocket from this morning's walk.    

 Cliff did most of the work.  I manned the grinder and plastic-wrapped the meat; he butcher-paper wrapped it.  He also did most of the cleanup. 

   Heather shot a very young doe for us; as he dressed it, Cliff kept remarking on how tender the meat was.  

We ground all of it except for the backstrap, which we had for dinner at noon.  I looked up how to cook it on the Internet and did it just according to instructions.  It was tasty and tender with not a hint of "gamey" taste.  It yielded twenty-three one-pound-plus packages of meat.  I would not have wanted more than that.  Conditions were perfect:  temperatures dipped below freezing overnight, so the deer cooled off nicely hanging in front of Cliff's shop until this morning.  Two days earlier the flies would have been a problem and the meat would have to have been iced down to get it cooled.  
It was a fun little project, and thanks to Heather, our beef supply will hold out longer.


Margaret said...

The venison I had once, when much younger, was gamey so it put me off deer meat. It probably depends on the age of the deer and the preparation.

small farm girl said...

We get beef fat from our butcher and grind it up with our deer. It taste just like beef burger! Can't go wrong there! Although, deer burger is healthier for you.

Carlene Noggle said...

was going to ask if you put any fat in your ground deer? When Danny use to get a deer, we would go to the grocery store and get some fat to put in it. How did Cliff like the grinder???

Carlene Noggle said...
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Donna said...

We didn't add fat, but I use ground venison half and half mixed with our ground beef. Works great. Cliff was very happy with the grinder.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Young deer, the ham can be sliced and fried just as tender as backstrap. But either way you are set!

ingasmile said...

What a unique skill that Cliff has! We butchered our first chickens earlier this year and it definitely was a learning experience!

Good Job Heather!


darev2005 said...

I'm always impressed with people who know how to do this stuff. If push came to shove, I'd starve to death in the wilderness, probably.