Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fun with Google Earth

I did get the trees planted yesterday.  I did some closer research and found that sweet cherries start bearing four to seven years after planting.  I'm hoping mine make it in four years.  Apricots and peaches take from two to five years.  Maybe I will live to see some kind of fruit off those trees.  As for those three apple trees that have been in place for two years, they can be expected to bear fruit from two to five years after planting, so I can start hoping for apples next year!  At least it's a possibility. 

Google Earth finally updated our location, so I'm having fun playing with it.  The pictures now are from August, 2012.  It's possible to zoom in and see things closer up.  
August was hot and dry, but those silly horses insist on standing in the sun even if it's over one hundred degrees.  I searched for the cows too, but they have the good sense to stay in the shade when it's hot, and do their grazing early morning, late evening, and night-time.  

This shows you the route we take on our daily walk.  It adds up to at least two miles.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What fun to see your place from google. I haven't tried that out in a long time. Glad you got those trees in the ground. Hope you have a great day there at your house!

Lori said...

Very neat! That's quite a daily walk.