Thursday, November 08, 2012

The water tower mystery: It's all in the perspective

I took this picture this morning from my yard.  Just to the right of center, you can see our little town's two water towers, the old one, still in use, and the new one.  These towers affect me not at all.  We have a well, and besides, those towers are only for the town folks.  This is looking toward the east.  Looks like the one on the left (new) is shorter.  

 As we returned from a short trip this morning, I had Cliff pull over so I could take a picture looking north.  Yes, the one on the left, the new one, is a tiny bit shorter.  


 Quite a bit shorter, looking west at the towers.

 From my daughter's house, the new one seems a LOT shorter.

 As we leave town, I look back eastward and the new tower (on the left now) has begun to grow and is actually taller!  

I'm so confused.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's amazing how each perspective shows something different in your pictures. Looks like it was a nice day in your neighborhood anyway. When I think about perspective in the way we see things it does all depend on where you are. Pays to take a closer look sometimes.

Paula said...

Interesting! The water tower in the town north of us is shaped like a strawberry and painted like one because it is the straberry capital of Texas.