Friday, November 16, 2012

cows and stuff

First of all, let me share with you Photographer Remley's latest:  

He captioned it thusly: "Donna, Missouri Department of Conservation on line 1"

Two-month-old Gracie is growing well.  Almost every day I put a halter on her and work on getting her to lead.  She's a little uncooperative, but she'll eventually get the idea.  I lead her up and down the driveway and tie her up and brush her.  I really enjoy my babies.  George doesn't get all this attention, since he won't be here long.  He gets plenty to eat, but very little handling.  This way, I don't form such an attachment to him.    
I can tell that Gracie's whole face will be black when she's grown.  

When I led her through the barn, I let her try out the stanchion.  I threw in a handful of sweet feed, and that's all it took.  I like to get dairy heifers used to being handled early on so that milking them won't be a problem when they're grown.  

I still keep looking at Craigslist and get tempted by the baby heifers for sale:
For only $175, this beauty could be mine.  Same folks I bought the last two from.  No, it isn't going to happen.  I already have too many; by next spring I will have to make a decision about who stays and who goes.    
A trader was here the other day and asked how much I would take for George.  I told him how much I gave for him and he couldn't believe I would pay that much for a bottle calf.  I told him, "You must go to sale barns, right?" 
Yes, he answered.  
"I can't go to sale barns, so I pay what I have to."
"Well then, how much would you take for the heifer?"  
"She isn't for sale."  
Sheesh.  As if he would be willing to pay a decent price anyway.

I don't care much for smart-aleck, know-it-all traders.  

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darev2005 said...

I got no patience for hucksters.

"Well, I can get this cheaper down the road!"

"Go down the road then, fool."