Monday, November 21, 2011

Highlight of my morning

In case someone thinks we are having problems with Thanksgiving plans this year (due to the previous mini-entry), we aren't.  Oh, there's always a wee bit of dysfunction involved in any holiday, but nobody is angry or hurt this year, so far as I know; as much as anything, it's the memory of previous years that makes me think about holiday planning problems.  Another thing: How do you like my new header picture?  Can you see me peeking around the tree?  I loved the tractor picture, but it just wasn't "me".  And now, on to some "fancy" poetry.
Coffee.  Wonderful coffee.  I cherish it so highly that I wrote two separate (mediocre) poems about it in one year.

© copyright September 18, 2003
Donna Wood

If nothing else should come my way
Worth mentioning in rhyme today,
At least the coffee in my cup
Gave me some cheer, and woke me up.

If, when I get to work today,
My tasks fill me with some dismay,
I will remember (as I should)
The coffee that I drank was good!

The experts say, “Give up caffeine.”
Such a proposal is obscene!
When I drink coffee before dawn,
It gives me reason to go on.

Life's little pleasures are the best
And help us, as we meet each test.
Thank God for each day I wake up...
And for the coffee in my cup!

(c) copyright May 22, 2003
Donna Wood

Who figured out you could make a brew
To cheer you so, when the day is new?
Who, in Africa, munched a bean
And felt effects of the drug, caffeine?

I’ve read that a man was herding sheep
That ate the berries, then couldn't sleep.
Then monks found out they'd stay awake
If they took a little "coffee break".

Turks were the first to brew the drink
That cheered the heart, and helped them think.
Then Arabs took it for their own:
Its taste and powers became world-known.

Here's to coffee, much maligned...
But a boon to man- (and woman-) kind.
When it's hard to rise and greet the dawn,
My cup of coffee takes me on.



Horror stories of Thanksgiving past always surface at this time of year. Glad all is fine at your place. I have to tell you. No kidding. Those poems of yours are quite impressive. They are VERY good, Donna. Conveyed the feelings of a coffee drinker to a T. LOVED them. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad that all is well there for you and I really enjoyed the poems. I do love my coffee and am just now savoring the 1st cup of the day! Have a wonderful Monday!

Margaret said...

I love coffee too!! And it's wonderful that you've written poetry in its honor.

darev2005 said...

I worship at the altar of the sacred coffee bean each and every morning.

Loved the poems!

Angela said...

You write poetry about coffee? Ha! I love it (and I feel not so quite obsessive about it myself). :)

krueth said...

Love your new header picture! Cute poems about coffee. Wish I liked coffee, love the smell but not the taste! Have a good Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

I can relate to those coffee poems....I could see the little floating hearts coming out of your eyes as I read them...hee hee...

Sonya said...

Glad you told me you were behind the tree. That is cute. i didn't notice.

I guess all families have issues. Everybody everywhere will be walking eggshells on Thanksgiving. lol lol

Cliff said...

We are missing Thanksgiving all together this year. We are pulling a trailer to Loveland, CO to get my fil from a home and bringing him to live in one near us. Oh well.
Good poem. If the stuff tasted like it smelled I'd drink it.BUT I'm the same with iced tea. First thing, everyday.

Cliff said...

Some time I need to convey to taryterre that I read her blog but am unable to leave a comment. I don't know the problem. Maybe you could tell her.

Lori said...

AMEN!! Love them! Thank you for sharing these wonderful poems.