Friday, November 11, 2011

Fool me once, shame on you

Anyone who has followed my blog for long knows how much I love Iris Dement's songs.  I used to search the Internet reading everything about her that I could, just trying to get to know her.  One of the items on my bucket list was to see her live, in person.  Preferably with John Prine.
Back when she was living in Kansas City, she never seemed to perform close to home.  I'd watch her schedule and see that she was in New England, California, and even across the ocean in Great Britain a time or two.  Eventually I saw she had an appearance scheduled in Iowa City, Iowa.  Now that isn't anywhere near close to home, but it was as close to home as she'd performed since I'd become a fan.  You can read about the whole fiasco HERE, but to make a long story short, she was a no-show.  We wasted time and spent money on gasoline and a motel for nothing.  What made it so bad was that Cliff can't stand Iris' singing; he was doing it all for me.  As you can imagine, that didn't make him like her any better.
During that period of time, Iris cancelled several shows, supposedly because of her health.  I mentioned this in my old blog; a lady whose opinion I respect had this to say:  "Canceling an hour before showtime sounds like her peeps couldn't get her clean and sober enough to roll her out on stage. Too bad.  Mrs. L"  
Shortly after that, I listened to a live Internet broadcast of an Iris Dement performance.  She sure sounded as though she was under the influence of something at the time.  
I still love to listen to Iris sing; when I shuffle my Ipod, she comes up often.
A few weeks ago I saw that Iris Dement was scheduled to perform in Kansas City, and at first I was excited, and checked with my oldest granddaughter to see if she'd accompany me to the concert and be my driver; she said yes, even though I warned her she'd hate it.
But it only took me an hour to remember how much trouble and expense was involved that time we went to Iowa City and she didn't show.  Not that I think she'll pull that again, but why should I give her a dollar of our (admittedly sparse) funds after she cost us so much that time?
According to THIS ARTICLE, there is finally another Iris Dement CD in the works.  I can't wait!  Of course, I WILL wait until somebody sells it cheap on, because Iris owes me, if nothing else, an apology.  None of my money is going into her pocketbook.  
Do I think this little boycott will damage her?  No way.  Do I think this rant on Blogger will hurt her reputation?  Good heavens no.  
But I feel better.  

I think the recorded show where she sounded loopy can be found HERE.  You have to download it to listen, though (it's free and legal, and over an hour-and-a-half long).  Her guitar is just out-of-tune enough to bug me, and I don't have that great an ear.  Once she goes to the piano, she sounds much better.  


Mo Rage said...

wow. I have to say, that song you linked to--the video--was wonderful. Here's hoping you get to see her here in town very soon.

And she's not "loopy".

Margaret said...

I'd never heard of her; is she country? I'm not a fan so that could be why. And I'm with Cliff on this one! She's pretty though.


That experience in Iowa when she was a NO SHOW would have aggravated me too. I've been known to hold a grudge. I once waited in the rain and freezing temps to get an autograph of a singer I loved after her concert. They told us she'd be right out. She never showed. I was so-oo mad. Wrote her a scathing letter about it. GOT my autograph, so I forgave her. Hope you get to see Iris at some point in time. No sense holding a grudge, forever. But like you, I know how much joy can be found in a new CD. It's cheap. ENJOY!

Donna said...

Mo Rage, she's in town as I type this. If you were married to my husband (that presents an interesting picture), you wouldn't be anxious to see her either; trust me, I am still hearing it from him.
Margaret, Iris is folk/country, but most country fans haven't heard of her. I hear she sang in the remake of "True Grit", and her song "Our Town" was played on the last episode of "Northern Exposure".
Tary, I will continue to hold my grudge while listening to Iris sing. I still love her songwriting and her singing, even if Cliff does call it "screeching".

Fernan said...

Concerts are noise to me, I'm tone deaf. Attended one college football game. So far away unable to see or make out the action. baseball games are a bore, pictures events. Seemed half the spectators were on the sauce and rude.
If either of us wants to be alone with the other, give us an outdoor hike or 2-track drive. Frieda rather I write her something. I'd rather be inventive, constructive, in the workshop.
I can feel Cliff's pain. (grin)
Oh! What we do for LOVE!

madcobug said...

I can see Cliff's side on this one. Hope someday you will get to see her in person. Helen

Cliff said...

I'm not familiar with the name but I don't do much music.
Yeah if she stood me up once I'd remember it too.
We did go see Reba in Omaha the other night. She was good and so were her warm up acts, The Band Perry, Steel Magnolia, and Edens Edge.
Reba finished the show with Turn on the Radio. It was an impressive show. That plus we were guest of a University foundation and didn't have to pay for the tickets or the Ribeye's we ate before hand.

Mrs. L said...

I'm just here for my quote in your blog.