Thursday, May 06, 2010

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

As I said, I really like Iris.  She loves people, especially kids.  She's housebroke.  She follows me from room to room to be near me.  She goes for a walk with us and walks well on a leash.   She chases and retrieves the frisbee and loves all kinds of doggie toys.  
She does worry when I'm out of the house; I see her little face in the window watching me.  As I said before, my main concern is what she will tear up if we are gone for a few hours.   
I was lying awake in the wee hours of the morning when it came to me:  Mandy's old pen in the barn!

I'm pretty sure there's no way Iris could get out of this pen (eight-foot-tall sides, concrete floor), and there's nothing she could damage.  It's the pen I was using for the two chickens, so I'll have to clean it out and perhaps make a new hay-bale house, replacing the old straw bales that have been there for... six years, I think; but this could work.   If it does work, I can do away with the cage in the house; I was only using it to try and get Iris used to it so I could confine her when we leave.  She doesn't need to be put in a cage at night.  

Mandy loved it and spent every night of her life locked inside it.  I don't expect Iris to enjoy it, but this may be the solution that will allow me to keep a dog I really do love.  And she'll only be confined there when we're gone.   I'm fairly certain her chances of being adopted again are slim, so I want to give her this chance.  
Someone asked about Iris' kennel cough:  she still has coughing spells, but she's getting better, and her appetite is improving.  

Here's your iris of the day, a white one that just opened up overnight.  By the way, the picture I posted yesterday that I thought was supposed to be of my black iris?  I'm pretty sure I was wrong about that; I noticed one this morning in a different location that looks as though it may indeed be black.


Sugar said...

great idea! i'd thought of asking you if you could fix a spot outside for her, just for when you two were going to be be away. but, then figured you'd prob already thought of that & decided against it.
so glad you're going to do this, it'll be great! she can still be in with you when your home, keeping you company, & you can both learn ea others ways. it takes time.

Anonymous said...

Dynamite idea. She can watch what's going on and see when you come back.


Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying the Iris Pics..and great idea about the pen...and as for the one in the house...leave the door open...when she is secure that she can come and go..!!! don't you love it when you lay awake early morning or even at night and these great ideas come to you LOLOL...I really do believe you and Iris will bond and become the best of friends...that is my hope for the day!!! hugs to ya...Ora

Donna said...

Ora, the dog in these picture in this entry is Mandy, who died five years ago. Iris doesn't need to sleep in the cage; I have a bed for her, and she uses it.

Astaryth said...

Perfect idea!I would keep my eyes open and see if Iris has a couple of toys she particularly loves.. or a blanket or something. Then add that to the pen when you put her in there! So glad you are finding a way to make this work. Iris looks like she is a real doll.

madcobug said...

Maybe that was the reason the chicks got destroyed so Iris could have a place to stay when you are not there. That should work out great. Helen

Pat said...

I haven't been on my computer for a couple of weeks. I am so glad you found another dog. Iris is a beautiful dog, and I especially love the idea behind naming her Iris. When my dog died, I waited one week before I got another one. Like you, I was lonely and lost without her. It helped me so much getting another dog so soon. Have a great weekend.