Thursday, May 27, 2010

A snotty update on Iris (don't read if you have a queasy stomach)

It cracks me up the way Iris flops down in this position to rest.

We got Iris at Wayside Waifs May 1.  She was doing quite a bit of coughing; I chalked it up to kennel cough and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  She's had such a horribly snotty nose that I've gone through a box of Kleenex and a roll of toilet paper wiping that nose.  She patiently allows me to wipe off the snot; if she has an extra big amount of it hanging from her nose, she will actually come to me and lay her head on my lap, as if to say, "Here, fix this, will you?"  
Because she was showing no improvement, we took her to the vet, who announced that Iris did not have kennel cough.  
"When they have that greenish-yellow snot, it's something else."  
I wish I had asked what the "something else" was.  I'm thinking it's canine influenza, but who knows.   
He sent me home with a ten-day supply of antibiotic pills; Iris took the last one yesterday: she still has coughing fits and her nose still runs, although not quite as much as it did as its worst.  
If Iris wakes up coughing at 3 A.M., obviously I wake up too.  She'd be fine having the run of the house while we sleep, but who wants snot all over the carpet?  So I've put her in the pet taxi beside my bed.  And been awakened often.  
Much as I hate to, I'm going to start putting her in the outside pen at night until she gets over whatever it is she has.   I've been sleep-deprived long enough.
Meanwhile, Iris doesn't seem to feel sick at all.  She eats from four to six cups of Science Diet daily; for a twenty-seven pound dog, I think that's amazing.  She brings toys to me, wanting to play.  She chases the frisbee until she's overcome by a coughing fit.  She goes walking with me and stays ahead of me, looking over her shoulder from time to time to make sure I'm coming.  
If you're wondering why I haven't taken her back to the vet, our budget has been stretched to the limit lately by dog expenses.  I would take her back to Wayside Waifs and ask for another dog in exchange, but I really love Iris.  If she ever gets over this crud, she is going to be a super-wonderful pet.  Actually, she already is.  Just a little snotty, that's all. 


Lindie said...

Glad you're hanging in there with Iris. Dogs are so worth it!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Iris is a doll! I hope this snot thing is over with soon. My mom's little rescue Maltese has suffered w/ a chronic cough (we thought kennel cough). She had long breaks, then it would start again. Mom swore by these herbs she was ordering for her. But now the coughing has subsided completely without herbs(knock wood). With Dixie, it seemed to have something to do with her weight also. Now that she's back to tiny maltese size it's better. Coincidence maybe. Iris doesn't look porky at all though! In spite of all that food.. wow! Best wishes, and I know what you mean about the vet budget :) -Tammy said...

How odd. I wonder if you could call the vet and they could tel you something else to do?
Someone once told me the hardware store sells antibotics for animals.
I have never heard of a dog with the flu before. Poor thing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never saw a snotty nosed dog before. That is one for the books for me. I hope she is better soon and I hope you get your sleep too!

madcobug said...

Sending up a prayer that Iris will get well soon. Helen

Astaryth said...

Poor Iris! I wouldn't take her back to the vet, but I would give them a call and see if they have a suggestion (it might be as simple as another 10 days on the antibiotics). Another thought is to call Wayside Waifs and tell them how much you love Iris, but also explain the snotty nose. It may be that if Iris has it they have other cases and may have a solution for you!!

Muhd Imran said...

Hope Iris gets better soon.

Please don't exchange her for another dog, it will just break her heart. She is already loving you, just under the weather for now. Give a fighting chance... a dog should have its day. Give her hers.

Here's wishing more good days for you with Iris.