Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iris had steak for dinner

One of the first articles I found online about whippets (Iris is half whippet) is that they counter-surf.  We saw evidence of this the first day we brought her home and left her on the back porch for a couple of hours; we returned home and found out she'd gotten on our chest-type deep freeze to look out the window and knocked the curtains down.  
She has been coming along so nicely that I let my guard down today, not even thinking.  I was only going to go to the hay field to see how Cliff was doing with his hay-raking; because it was so hot outside, I left Iris in the cool house.  On the counter was a brisket in cry-o-vac and two steaks I had laid out to thaw, one of them wrapped in plastic wrap.  
When I walked in the back door I saw the steak that was plastic-wrapped lying on the floor, still wrapped.  The other steak was gone, with not so much as a blood-stain for evidence.  I started giving Iris a lecture, and she, of course, acted very guilty.  After an hour or so I started speaking to her again.  
Lesson learned.  The articles I've read indicate that it's virtually impossible to stop this behavior, so I must remember that if there's no human in the house and we want to leave Iris, she will have to be put in her dog taxi or else be shut in my bathroom.   
It's actually her only flaw so far, except for her health problems... which seem to be on the mend now, by the way.  I think when there's no person in the house, she jumps up to look out the windows due to her separation anxiety.  This time she ran smack-dab into a steak.  Cliff tells me that when I leave her inside with him and go outside, she worries the whole time, running from one window to another until I return. 
On the plus side, the article I read said it's virtually impossible to keep whippets off the furniture; I haven't seen Iris on the furniture since the first week we had her.  When she has the run of the house at night, she either sleeps near our bed or in Cliff's bathroom.  Or in his bathtub if it's storming.  And of course, we don't leave her inside alone when we go someplace; we put her in her pen in the barn.  So the furniture problem is resolved. 


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Sonya said...

Awww...Iris misses you b/c you are her main alpha lady in her "pack". I guess Cliff is 2nd. lol
In our world I think I am Tugie's Alpha, then George, then Katy. But she is nervous when her pack is not around.

I'm so glad you have Iris. I know she has a good home. She must think you are awesome to leave her steak out on the counter. lol lol