Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I think I've figured some of Iris' ancestry

We were about out of milk in the refrigerator yesterday evening, so I called Bonnie and Sir Loin to the barn.  I usually slide the stall door open for Sir, and with a little encouragement from the stock prod and a stroll or two around the small lot, I get him inside and shut the door.   Next morning I steal a gallon of milk from Bonnie and turn them out together again.
Last night I decided to take Iris with me, just to see how she'd react to the cows close-up.  She seemed quite cautious until I took the cattle prod to Sir and started heading him toward the stall:  then she sprung into action!  
First she crouched in front of him, giving him the old cattle-dog stare; when he quickly turned away from her, she went directly to his heels and headed him right into the stall.  Pretty much what you'll see in this video I found on the Internet.  
So, evidently Iris is a whippet-blue heeler cross.  Or a whippet-border collie cross.  I'm sure she had never seen cattle until she arrived here; she came to Wayside Waifs via Kansas City animal control.  But it's in her genes, and she knows what to do with cattle.  Oh, and by the way... as soon as I called her off (by saying "no"), she backed off.  
I always wanted a good, working cattle dog.  Now I need a few more cattle to keep her busy.  Bonnie and Sir are such pets, they really don't need a dog to herd them.

  My first iris of the year is blooming.  I transplanted these common purple ones from my old yard.  This particular iris is right next to Sadie's grave.  

My little lilac bush is doing its thing near the front door; the smell is divine.

The tiny coral bells are showing off, too.  


madcobug said...

I would have loved to seen Iris doing that. Bet she was cute. I always loved to watch the border collies in action. Beautiful flowers. I can almost smell that Lilac. Helen

Hollie said...

That's great about Iris knowing what to do to help with the cows!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good news about Iris! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Astaryth said...

Blood will tell! That is so cool. Glad Iris is starting to fit in so well.

Hyperblogal said...

I love flowers and am more than miffed that my neighbor "trimmed" my lilac bush for me... back to the nub.... it hadn't even bloomed yet. There may be bloodshed.