Thursday, February 26, 2009

I bought some things to plant today

Yes, I bought three pounds of seed potatoes (Kennebec), some onion sets, and a couple of perennial flowers to set out.

The lady checking me out at Orscheln's looked askance at one plant I bought, the one labeled "Hummingbird Vine".

"Hmph," she snorted. "That's just a trumpet vine. It will spread everywhere."

I wondered if I should just tell her to keep it, but I responded, "So you're telling me to be very careful where I plant it?"

"I'd say so," she snorted.

Obviously this woman has had some serious problems with the plant.

My regular readers know all about my intimate relationship with Google.

The lady was right, as you can see
HERE. I guess I'll not plant it near the house amongst all my other flowery plants.

I hope I remember to thank that woman next time I'm in Richmond.


Celeste said...

It also looks a lot like poison sumac!

Anonymous said...

My computer has been hard drive and I am back...and that "hummingbird vine" or "trumpet vine" which yes are one in the same...but just a little bit different...and will take over whatever it attaches to...much like if you don't want it closing you in...don't plant it close...maybe out on the fence....the flowers are so pretty...and after planting it...after one season...if you decide that you don't like it...prepare to spend alot of time getting rid of it...because the roots kinds go where they want to go...everywhere...they pop up in the grass...well you get the idea....but like I say...the flower is pretty LOLOL...Good Luck...and enjoy....God Bless...hugs..Ora

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yeah, what Ora said. It grows wild here and farmers spend a lot of money trying to kill it out of their fields. It spreads by rhizomes underground as well as rooting where ever the vines touch soil.

It is really pretty though and hummingbirds do love it, as well as butterflies and moths.

madcobug said...

Guess that woman was right huh! I have never tried to grow it but have see it growing in trees in the country sometimes out by itself with no house in sight. Must have come from generations back. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've seen those vines along the road climbing a telephone pole. They are beautiful but need the right place to grow. With all the land you have around you I'm sure you'll find just the right spot for it.