Saturday, February 28, 2009

It was a good day

Although our guests of honor didn't make it, we had plenty of people to share our dinner. At one point I got so sleepy I laid on my bed and slept for awhile, but then I awoke refreshed.

The roads, I hear, were horrendous out here; that's why the nephew, who lives in Peculiar, decided to cancel. We have about five inches of snow outside.

Eight degrees tonight for a temperature reading. I think this is Old Man Winter's last gasp. Then the usual spring tornadoes and thunderstorms can begin.

It's been a slow day for my Google reader; I guess the snow slowed everyone down.

And that's about the extent of my day.

I sent Remo and Jon a political email that I think they'll both love.

Remo left a comment yesterday saying, "I seriously want to make a road trip after I retire and stop in all the little towns and say "HI" to everyone. Have lunch, see the sights, get arrested."

We'll leave the light on for ya, Remo. My daughter and I would absolutely love to meet you. Now, it's pretty hard to get arrested in our little town. The most notorious recent criminals went swimming in the water tower that provides the town with water... I'm not sure you can top that, but you're welcome to try. It even made the Kansas City news. Oh, and the only way you'll have lunch in this town is to eat at my daughter's house... or mine, but I'm not exactly in town. Or we can go eight miles east and find places to eat.


Hyperblogal said...

Unfortunately here in KC no one had ever seen snow before and the results were very interesting.

Pamela said...

Peculiar?? That's the name of his town? Hmmmm....I wonder if it lives up to it's name? LOL!

Sugar said...

snow again!!! and single digits! so tired of it...hoping warm weather comes (& stays in our kc area before long).

Midlife Mom said...

So you are getting some of the white stuff eh?! We have more coming today, tomorrow and Tuesday! We lost a lot with the all day rain we had last week but still have a good base so we will get in more snowmobiling and the ski places are rejoicing.

So glad you won a prize in the contest!!!! Congratulaions!

Your cooking sounds wonderful, do you deliver? We are trying to take off some weight so I haven't been cooking as much but I feel an apple pie coming in the real near future. Just have had a hankering for one but I will invite the kids over so that there won't be any left over.