Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello out there

The house is a mess. We did some shopping this morning (NOT more furniture), and I haven't even put up everything I bought. I've been distracted, not to mention driven half-crazy, with my Grace Internet radio. See my kitchen table, with everything from seed potatoes and onion sets to animal crackers on it? It's been that way for hours. You might notice the full trash can back there, too.

That's where I've spent half my time today. The other half of my time has been here at the computer, configuring settings... apparently incorrectly.

I had very little trouble getting my Pandora stations to play on the radio, and that was the main reason I bought the thing; but after reading the book, I understand I can play songs on there that are on my computer!

Alas, I haven't had any luck with that yet. It looks like one of those challenges my daughter might love, but after a dozen failed attempts, I quit.

There are over 5,000 stations available on the radio itself. Name any country in the world: You can find radio stations from that country! That makes finding a station I want is a daunting task. Although with Pandora it really isn't necessary, since I can tailor the music there to my taste on stations, and play any station on the Grace radio.

Cliff, on the other hand, is enjoying our DVR. He told me, "This is another one of your hair-brained schemes I'm going to love!"

That's him trying out a chair yesterday at the first place we looked. It isn't the one we bought, but it is the same size.

As for those of you wanting to see pictures of our furniture, you'll have to be patient. Not only is the house a mess, but I have some wildly mismatched colors right now. I'm going to have to move some things around and perhaps add others.

Wish me luck, because I'm about as far from an interior decorator as a person can get.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess you and Cliff are happy campers right now. Each with your own special modes of bliss. I'll be patient and wait for pictures, you do need time to enjoy your blessings for sure. 'On Ya'-ma

Carlene Noggle said...

awwwww.....cliff looked so happy!!!! Can't wait to see your furniture!