Thursday, February 26, 2009

I always miss something at the grocery store

Cliff's brother's oldest son, one of my favorite relatives, is going to be here Saturday with his son.

Scotty loves cherry cheesecake, so I'll be making that to top off a roast-beef-and-mashed-potato dinner with accompanying home-made rolls. The son-in-law and some grandchildren are invited, so I'm thinking one cherry cheesecake pie won't be enough to go around.

I've decided to attempt making my sister's wonderful lemon pie, so when we shopped today, I bought two lemons.

I got the recipe out a while ago and noticed that it also calls for lemon extract.

I'm pretty sure I don't have any of that.

Why didn't I look at the recipe before I went to Walmart?


Anne said...

fresh lemon juice beat lemon extract any day of the week. Just taste it and you may have to add more real lemon juice. my mouth is watering. I LOVE lemon anything. Anne

Rachel said...

You should have Kevin grab some on the way home from work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Call me on Friday and remind me. I'll pick up some from the store on the way home.