Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring is coming

I'm very happy to be able to go outside in these tolerable temperatures we're having. Yesterday I got Libby and Blue out and groomed them. They'd been rolling in mud, so I had to use the metal currycomb on them. I usually groom them with a rubber one, but that dried mud wasn't going to budge! Both of them are starting to shed their winter coats already. I'm thinking there's a good possibility for a ride today.

I've used this picture of Snowbelle before: She's quite the character. When she and the other barn cats are out of food, she comes to the house and meows at the door until somebody feeds them. When we step outside, she heads for the barn, as if to show us the way.

I usually buy big bags of Walmart's house brand of cat food, and all the felines like it just fine. Recently, though, we were patronizing a local grocery store when we were out of kitty food, so we bought their cheap brand, I believe called Always Save.

Snowbelle hated it. In the couple weeks we used it, I never saw her take a single bite, although surely she did, or she'd be starved by now; somebody was eating it, because by morning the dish was empty.

She'd come to the house to get us during the day, we'd go check... and there was still food there.

Yesterday we finally got back to the Walmart brand. I'm surprised Snowbelle didn't make herself sick, the way she dived into that grub!

Silly picky cat.


BarnGoddess said...

snowbelle is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

ewww, I do not blame her about the 'always save' brand cat food. I wont eat any 'always save' brand people foods either-ack!

The WM brands are pretty good stuff. Elvis loved 'Ol Roy dog food.

Rachel said...

Always Save is bottom-of-the-barrel, so I don't blame her either!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Cats really are funny. She is very beautiful with that fur collar.

Oh, how I wish I could take a ride - I had to give it up because my back ;-(

I got jealous of you when I saw Blue... *sigh*

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

What a beautiful cat!!
Glad she got the food she loves :)

Celeste said...

She is beautiful. This is a beautiful photo of her. I use walmart brand too. Sebastian gets sick if I use anything else. cats are picky at times!

Midlife Mom said...

She is just beautiful!!! How do you keep her so white and mat free? She must like to be brushed. Mine don't like the cheap brand either, they just throw it up on my newly shampooed rugs as if to say SO THERE!

Jenny in Ca said...

Snowbelle is beautiful!!

I don't blame her about the cheapy food. Cat's have such personalities, they are my favorite pet. Our cat starts pawing at the ground, like he is scooping up kitty litter...when he does not approve of the food. Like he is labeling it poo...

vlado&toni said...

Snowbelle is such a prima donna,but she is so lovely she deserves it.
Cats are so picky, my cat can go on a hunger strike with just water and won't eat what's there if he doesn't like the smell/taste of the food. My husband said I spoiled him too much till he gave up on him after a 2 day trial of just trying to feed him with that already bought cat food he hates. I think my husband was worried we might need to go to the Vet because of his hunger strike. Well nothing happened just that the cat won!

Anonymous said...

The cat is beautiful.