Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changing a few things here

So far, my primary blog/journal is the one on AOL, simply because I've had it going for so long, and because I have many faithful readers there. I know some of them read this one, but many do not.

When I began this blog, I started putting all my old contacts under the "favorite journals" heading on the right. I've been meeting and making new friends in this so-much-bigger community, and if I start adding those to the list, it's going to be so formidable, nobody will even look at it, I'm afraid.

So I'm going to link to my old favorites on my AOL website, and my new friends here. As long as I have two journals, that ought to work. At least I hope so.


Astaryth said...

That'll work!

But.. I think I remember you saying that you use Bloglines... You could just put your Blogroll on here. Just a thought!

DesLily said...

you are getting far to techy Donna! lol..

Celeste said...

I can send you a link to make your blogroll smaller like the one I have for Wordless Wednesday.