Saturday, February 24, 2007

A road trip tomorrow?

Looks like Cliff and I might make a four-hour (one way) trip down near Independence, Kansas, to visit his brother, Donald. There are tractors there that Cliff wants to see. I'll take the camera. And a good book to read aloud while we travel.


Rachel said...

AARRRGGGG!!! Do you EVER stop to consider the boredom of your daughter and her family? Whatever shall we do now???

Neila said...

Road trips through Kansas . . . I take that lovely journey all too often. I certainly hope you have a good book! :-)

Thanks for stopping by my site today! Let me know when you're up for a Passion Party! I can tell you want to have one! ;-)

BarnGoddess said...

Fun! Independance KS is only a little over 2 hours from me :)

I hope you have a safe and fun trip.

what book did you read?

Ron said...

I hope that you didn't go on the cycle. Today was just terrible weather...cold and that WIND!?!