Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The art of planting onions

Here is something I learned while watching this little girl grow from an infant:  You don't have to have a person's face in the picture to make it a good shot.  I have come to dislike the way people start on a child at a young age, asking them to force a fake smile for the camera, as though one is only acceptable to others, or lovely, if  he is smiling.  It's amazing at what a young age children learn to fake a smile for the camera, and I wonder if this is the reason some children hate having their pictures taken at an early age.

I've learned to take pictures of the top of the kid's head, the soles of her feet, the little fingers grasping onto a leaf of grass.  I learned this by watching a child.


Jon said...

You're absolutely right about that. The best photos are those that are spontaneous, natural, and unrehearsed. Especially with children.

I remember so many times when I stood with a forced smile on my frozen face while my father meticulously adjusted and readjusted the camera lens.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I love your pictures! She is precious and I feel like I was there watching her.Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Anita said...

She will appreciate these shots later in life. Because she is not posing, it shows what she's actually doing. Maybe she'll remember what she was thinking, too. Good for you, and thanks for reminding us!