Thursday, March 31, 2016

When our tastes in music collide

Cliff and I agree on country music:  We like the kind that was popular from the 50's through some of the 90's.  The current stuff, not so much.  

However, my true favorite genre of music is folk, as most of my long-time readers know.  A lot of folk music is old-timey and even corny, and a lot of the more recent crop of folk singers don't have the best-quality voices (OK, neither did Woodie Guthrie, and he isn't current).  Many times I like an artist, either country or folk, mainly for his or her song-writing ability.  I truly admire good songwriting.  Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Iris Dement, Tom Paxton, and Ola Belle Reed are among my favorites.  

Cliff could go forever without hearing any of my folk music.  Sometimes I will try to get him to listen to the fantastic golden words written by some amazing poet/songwriter so he will understand my feelings, but his hearing is so impaired, even with a hearing aid in his "good" ear, that it's impossible.  I have gone so far as to copy and paste lyrics, so he will be able to get the true gist of things.  It isn't the same as listening to the person who put those thoughts in rhyme.  

I also enjoy pure, simple guitar-picking, and you hear a lot of that in folk.  I can just barely chord on the guitar:  I only wanted, when I was eighteen, to be able to chord to "Blowin' in the Wind", "Michael Row the Boat Ashore", and others of the folks songs that were in vogue back then.  Soon after I got my first guitar, I discovered country music, which I had spurned all my growing-up years; but when I found most country songs only required three chords... four at the most... I adopted it, beginning with "It Wasn't God Who Made Honkey-tonk Angels".  My playing never improved, and in fact, it's still so bad I'm embarrassed to play in front of a group of people.  However, if I'm going to sing songs I wrote, it's either accompany myself or sing a cappella.  

But I digress.  

When Cliff is outside, I listen to my Pandora folk station.  When I tell my Amazon Echo, "Alexa, play Pandora", folk usually starts playing, because the Echo plays whatever station I listened to last.  I hope all my readers know about Pandora.  If you have a computer, surely you have Pandora!  You can invent your own stations, one for every mood and season, and listen at your leisure, and it's free.

Sometimes when Cliff is inside, I'll play my classic country station, because that's the one we can enjoy together.  A while ago I said, "Alexa, play Pandora", knowing folk would start up; however, I had the Echo app on the Ipad ready so I could quickly switch to country.  Ah, but when the music started, it was the delightful picking one so often hears on some of my folk songs, and I said, "Hold on, I just have to hear this beautiful guitar-picking before I switch stations."  

Oh, it was so lovely!  And then John Prine's voice broke into the moment, making me smile and Cliff groan.  That's what happens when two worlds collide at our house.  One smiles, one groans.  

We will soon have been married fifty years, so I guess it'll be OK.



Smiling and groaning takes place here at our house because of music too. Such is life. We've been together almost 40 years and we've survived too. You and Cliff hang in there.

Margaret said...

I didn't like much of the same music as Patt, although I came to appreciate John Denver, who was his very favorite. He always hated my rock music, but ended up liking my Dan Fogelberg stuff. After we went to a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas show, he bought a couple of their CDs which shocked me! (he whined so much about going that I wanted to strangle him!)