Saturday, March 19, 2016

Just another tractor swap meet

This one was at Adrian, Missouri.  There really wasn't much there to pique my interest, but you can always find something to take pictures of, even if you're shivering from the cold temperatures (30's).  

Here's a real biggie for me:  We've been going to tractor shows for many years, and I thought I had seen every kind of tractor possible, but today I laid eyes on one I don't ever recall seeing before.  Cliff thinks he remembers one; he pays a lot more attention to tractors than I do.  

This tractor was made in Germany by the company that eventually bought out Allis Chalmers.  That union didn't turn out so well, I guess; at least it didn't last long. 

In Germany, tractors have to be licensed to be on a public road.  Hence, the turn signals, license, and brake lights.  

 Here you go, guys!  Be there or be square.

 We were almost ready to leave when I noticed at the far edge of the tractor show grounds, right up beside I-49, that there was a revival was in progress.  Keep in mind that our night-time temperatures are plunging below the freezing mark.  

I can't help wondering how big a crowd the guy is pulling in out in the boonies this time of year.  


Margaret said...

Vie means life in French. :)


The MAN CAVE swap meet sounds kind of HE-MAN. Hope the revival meeting warmed up the folks in attendance, sounded CHILLY there.