Thursday, March 31, 2016


We were going to head out on a road trip today.  There is not one thing, really, to keep us from going.

And yet, we're staying home.  

Maybe it's the time of year; maybe it's just us.  Anyhow, yesterday I said to Cliff, who has had a slight tummy bug for a couple of days, "You know, I'm not all that excited about heading out on a six-hour journey.  I'm always ready for a road trip, but don't feel you have to force yourself.  If you aren't anxious to go or don't feel up to par, it won't hurt my feelings."  

I think he was relieved.  We just can't seem to summon up the desire to get off our duffs and go someplace.  

I did have an event Sunday that I was excited about:  A granddaughter accompanied me to Kansas City to the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts where we saw "A Night with Janis Joplin".  It's a strange way to spend Easter Sunday afternoon, right?  That show lived up to every expectation, and if I had a way I would go see it again... expensive as it was.  As a non-driver, when I find an event I really am dying to see, I have to find a relative willing to take me.  This keeps Cliff from having to sit through something he really doesn't care about.  Not that I'd probably go all by myself even if I did drive.  

In April Cliff and I are going to see Willie Nelson.  Originally it was to be Willie and Merle Haggard, but Merle probably won't be doing any more shows on this mortal plane; my theory is that lung cancer has returned to take him, but nobody is saying anything along those lines.  They've been calling it double pneumonia for two months now.  Willie puts on a great show, or he did in the 70's.  He's ultra-talented, and I think we'll enjoy him.    

I found a future show at Kaufman Center that I mentioned to Cliff to which he responded enthusiastically!  "Yeah, I'd go to that."

"The Illusionists" isn't until November, but as soon as tickets are on sale, you can bet I'll be buying them.  There's a video HERE that will give you an idea of what we'll be seeing.  One thing I've learned about Kaufman:  You may as well get the cheaper balcony seats, because the view of the stage is great no matter where you sit.

So, no travel plans this weekend.  There will be another opportunity in a couple of weeks, and we'll see what happens then.  For now, I haven't even summoned up the enthusiasm to plant a few potatoes in the garden.  

There will be a train trip to the Grand Canyon in May.  Only illness would keep us from that, because it's already paid for.


Just Because said...

If you had a chance, would you go see Iris Dement again? Is she worth the trip? Do you think she is would show up? Thanks

Donna Wood said...

I never actually saw her in person, because she was a no-show that one time we traveled so far to see her. No, I wouldn't go see her; I don't think as highly of her as I once did, for several reasons; although I do still enjoy her music.

Jon said...

Ennui - one of my favorite Victorian terms (it describes myself most of the time).

A Night with Janis Joplin on Easter Sunday is indeed strange, but probably a delightful diversion from the usual Easter routine. It's amazing that Willie Nelson is still performing - he puts his soul into his work.

A train trip to the Grand Canyon in May sounds wonderful!! I've been there three times, but not recently.


Janis Joplin for Easter sounds like just the ticket. Never seen Willie but I hear it's a good show. I can think of nothing better to do in May. A train trip to the Grand Canyon sounds delightful.

Margaret said...

I love the word ennui too because it's a French word, coming from the verb ennuyer, which means to bore or annoy. Life is too short to do TOO many things that we don't feel like doing. We all have obligations, but fun events shouldn't be part of that. I think you did the right thing!