Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our third place of interest last Monday: the John Deere Pavilion.

As you can probably imagine, this trip to see a gigantic tractor collection come Tuesday turned into three days of tractor stuff:  In other words, Cliff's idea of a perfect vacation!  And at this point, we had yet to see the main attraction.  But we sure found some nifty stuff along the way.  I'll just share a few pictures taken at the John Deere Pavilion.    

This logging machine actually "walked".  Unfortunately, if I remember the story correctly, it proved to be impractical because it was too slow.  Cliff isn't inside with me, so I can't ask him.  

People are allowed to climb aboard any of the tractors and machines on display.

Now that's a BIG combine!
And to think it all started with this hand flail.

Cliff and I climbed up into the cab of the huge combine.  This was the view from inside.
A combine cab is a nice place for a selfie, right?

A rice harvester, sold only in China.

A tractor that needs no driver.  It isn't on the market yet.

After going through all that machinery, we stepped over to the gift shop.  I bought the Little Princess a John Deere shirt and a John Deere green toy tractor and truck.  I took my time looking at things and then looked around for Cliff so I could tell him I was done shopping.  I couldn't see him anywhere!  
I finally found him in a little room, watching videos about tractors.
This entry is mostly pictures simply because I didn't absorb a lot of the information.  This wasn't my favorite part of our mini-vacation, but obviously Cliff had a great time.  

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WOW that is some machinery. I didn't realize how large they were. LOVE the selfie.