Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My last hard Bible (part 1)

I have a story to tell, and this is simply the teaser.  I didn't want to put these lyrics and the Youtube video in the same entry as the story; it would make too long an entry (not that I've been bothered by that before).

I assume Kasey Chambers wrote or co-wrote "Last Hard Bible", but I'm too lazy to keep Googling, and I didn't find a quick answer.  The song really has nothing to do with the entry I will do next except for the title.  "Hard Bible", you see, refers to a real paper-and-leather Bible, as opposed to an "e-book" on the I Pad or Kindle, and that's what I will be addressing later.

All the Youtube videos of Kasey singing the song were with live audiences, so it was hard to understand the words, but I found an excellent cover of the song.  I see this young lady has other songs on YouTube, and I intend to check them out.


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She has a nice sound.