Monday, June 09, 2014

Antique Archaeology (American Pickers)

I have heard people say many negative things about the American Pickers guys, calling them thieves, dishonest, etc.  Several people in our tractor club think they take advantage of people, since they always tell on the show how much they paid, and how much they intend to sell the items for (often twice what they paid).  I haven't figured out why this makes them dishonest, since nobody is forced to sell anything to them.  Besides, from what I've seen of "reality shows", I'm pretty sure the episodes are staged, and I imagine it's all been decided before taping the show how much will be offered and whether the offer will be refused.  But even if it isn't, nobody would be forced to sell.  

I love it when some other tourist offers to take a picture of the two of us together.
First of all, I must tell you that the place in LeClaire is much smaller than it appears on TV, both the shop and the parking lot.  There are, however, two buildings that are part of the shop, not just the one you see on the show.


We watched them dig this up out of a guy's yard.  

All the above shots were taken in the building we see on the TV show.

This is in the other building, which, as you can see, has a second floor of sorts.  No customers allowed up there, though.

These two were discussing a lady who had just purchased something but had complained nonstop about how high the price was.  The one on the right said, "I wanted to say to her,'Sell it back to me; I'll pay you what you gave for it.'"

I wanted a coffee mug but found none, so I settled on a T-shirt instead.  As she was getting ready to ring me up I mentioned I really wanted a coffee mug.  She looked around in vain, then said, "We should have some; I'll be right back. I will check in the other building.  Inventory shows that we have three around here somewhere." 

She came back with my mug.  "Better order some more," I told her.  

"We have them on back-order all the time," she said.  

The cup was $15, which is the most I've ever spent on a coffee mug.  I hope it isn't one of those with writing that disappears when it's been through a dishwasher a few times.  Since I had what I really wanted, I didn't buy the $20 T-shirt.  

As we were getting in our car, an old fellow got out of the car beside us and asked, "Is Danielle in there?"  

I doubt you would ever find her there during business hours.  If you notice on the show, when any of the stars are in the parking lot or inside the shops, there are no other people there.  If any of them showed up during the hours the place is open, they'd be there all day posing for pictures with old folks and signing autographs.  

That's the Mississippi River behind me.  

Back at the Buffalo Bill museum, we had found some pamphlets telling about various places of interest and stumbled across one about the John Deere Pavilion.  That was to be our next destination. 



OH I'm so jealous. I love the TV show. How neat to be at their place of business. I think they try to buy things at wholesale prices and sell 'em for retail. WHICH is what everybody does, even Walmart. No thievery at all.

ingasmile said...

They tell people up front that they are resellers. They need to make a profit too! Sometimes they don't even sell the item they picked or it is a real dud and they don't make back even what they paid for it. That is how the game works! People do it all the time in "real" life. They go to Estate sales and then resell downtown at Warehouse Weekends, or craigslist or ebay. People always out to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that! We are out of practice with negotiating but around the world it is still common practice!

Jon said...

I love the American Pickers show and watch it all the time. Those guys aren't thieves. They have to make a profit and I think they're pretty fair with the people they purchase things from.

I really hope the writing doesn't disappear on your new coffee mug. That happens to me very often- - especially on Texas mugs, for some reason.

(Actually, I wish the whole state of Texas would disappear......)

Margaret said...

I used to watch the show and found it interesting. I was impressed that they could recognize value in, what to me, looked like junk. LOL And I was kind of shocked to find out that they are a couple. I didn't get that vibe.

Donna said...

That's strange, Margaret. Everything I just found in a Google search says they are not gay, and one site names Frank's long-term girl friend.

Jon said...

Hey, I lived in Hollywood for a heckuva long time. I can spot a gay guy three miles away in less than five seconds.

Those two American Picker guys give absolutely NO indication of being gay.

If I'm wrong on this, I'll truly be astounded.

Donna said...

Turns out Frank has a little girl with his now wife, who was his girl friend of many years. Gotta love Internet rumors.

Jon said...

I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed seeing all the photos (I hope you're not sick of hearing from me - - I don't mean to be a pest - honest).