Friday, January 17, 2014

Random. Probably the most boring blog entry you will ever read.

It looks like I will, indeed, be able to go walking with Cliff each day, as long as I keep it a short walk.  The first day I was aiming for ten minutes, but didn't actually pay attention to the time:  I just walked to a certain spot, bade Cliff farewell, and came back to the house.  The next day I watched the time, and found out I actually walked twenty minutes.  Four days of it hasn't put me in any more pain than I have normally.  
Yesterday I got on the scales and weighed 149!  Good grief, I'm gaining weight!  However, it made me so angry at myself that I'm truly motivated to cut back on calories.  Now I'll succeed.  

Around the time Cliff retired, I decided we should do the main part of our grocery-shopping one day a month, and we did this for over a year.  Somewhere along about that time, Cliff decided he wanted to eat salad every evening for supper.  He still does that, by the way.  Well, it finally hit me that we were having to make at least one trip a week to the store to get tomatoes, lettuce, and whatever else I was going to put in his salad, and trying to buy enough groceries for a month was a big hassle anyhow; we'd go to one store and another for various things, hit the feed store for the cows... by the time we returned home, I was exhausted.  I would end up with too much of this and not enough of that, and if I'd forgotten anything, it was another trip.  Yeah, it was a great experiment, but it didn't make sense and it was wearing me out.  So now we go to the store once a week like everybody else.  

my favorite coffee cup
Here's something:  I've mentioned before how I have a favorite coffee cup.  Without even thinking about it, I find myself reaching for that particular cup if it's in the cupboard.  But I realized this morning that I also have a second-favorite and a third-favorite.  It takes at least two days for our dishwasher to get enough dirty dishes in it to wash them, so this means my favorite cup is in there at least every other day and I have to use another.  Now, don't remind me that in ten seconds' time I could go to the sink and wash the cup, and use my favorite every day; it's the principle of the thing:  I have a dishwasher, and by george, I refuse to wash anything by hand that can go in the dishwasher!

 I bought this cup over twenty years ago when my son and his family were stationed at Fort Hood.  It's number 2 on my list of favorites.  

I bought this one at a garage sale down the road.  A retired local schoolteacher was getting rid of her excess stuff.  

Now, in the process of doing this entry, I came to realize there's a reason why these cups are the ones I use.  I like the lobotomy saying on cup number one, so it would probably be my favorite no matter what.  But here's the thing.  Cliff drinks his coffee black, while I use creamer.  These three cups are so dark, it's hard to tell when they're full, if you're pouring black coffee.  I always put a spoonful of creamer in my cup and then fill it, so it's easy to see the lighter shade of coffee in  dark cup.  And that's what started me using those cups.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Nothing you write is ever boring. Glad you can enjoy a short walk. Everything I do these days is on a slower, shorter time frame. Still there is so much to enjoy. said...

Not a boring at all.


Love the coffee cups. The first one is my favorite too.

Margaret said...

Not a bit boring, and your coffee mug system makes sense! I often stop at the grocery store, just for a few things. It's hard to plan a meal for one.