Sunday, January 19, 2014

My husband doesn't cook

By that I mean it would surprise me to find him attempting to boil water.  Sometimes when I am cooking some quite ordinary food in the kitchen, he will be passing through and then stop and watch in amazement as I prepare it.  And often he will say something like this:  "Huh.  I didn't know that's how you did that!"  

Because we are always watching our weight, Cliff eats a lot of Jello.  He just doesn't feel as though his meal is complete without something sweet at the end, something to go with his coffee.  We sometimes have a half-cup of ice cream, and sometimes I mix up a cake mix, cut it into small squares, individually wrap the pieces, and put them all in a freezer bag.  Sometimes I buy cookies and dole them out one at a time.  But we only have something like that once a day, and Cliff eats two meals daily that require something sweet.  That's where the sugar-free Jello comes in.  Personally, I wouldn't care if I never heard of Jello again, but it suits him just fine, with five or six chocolate animal crackers thrown in.  Every week, he goes through four regular-sized packages of Jello.  

This morning he happened through the kitchen as I was taking two cups of boiling water out of the microwave.  He stopped and watched me pour it into the dish holding the contents of two packages of powdered Jello, and then stir it.  
"Huh," he snorted.  "I didn't know you had to boil water to make Jello."  
"Yes," I answered, "and once it's dissolved, I add two cups of cold water."  
"Cliff," I said, as he walked away, "If I should die and leave you a widower, and you decide to make Jello, just read the box, OK?  The directions are right there."  

Not that I think he will be eating Jello if I'm gone.  I don't think he would watch his weight without me around.  He'd probably be eating mostly bread and cake, with a little pie thrown in for good measure.


Celeste Sanders said...

Pat would eat lots of hotdogs and potato chips. He has started learning how to bake a cake(from box) so he won't starve BUT...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My husband never cooked much of anything either but my boys are good cooks. They were always in the kitchen when I was cooking when they were growing up and learned enough to keep them from starving and since they are all older they've become really good cooks. I'm having jello with bananas for dessert today and some cookies thrown in or good measure. There's always room for jello at my house.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I can just picture Cliff walking through your kitchen, shaking his head and looking at you in geniune amazement. lol

Hope you'll consider joining in the A-Z Challenge this April!

Margaret said...

My late husband was a very good cook although he preferred to leave it to someone else. :) He made the world's best potato salad, great steaks and had the patience to do eggs correctly. (I use too high a heat) He wasn't a baker, but he could manage quite well in the kitchen.


I think husband's pretend not to know what goes on in the kitchen. I think they know more than we think they do.

Penny said...

Rob cooks for me nearly every day. It was fair to middlin' at first but I taught him a few things and he does well now. Hopefully after the surgery I will be able to cook for him again.