Monday, January 06, 2014


With this frigid weather (way below zero last night) I'm a grouch, so I really don't have much to blog about, unless you wanted to read a bunch of complaints.  Yesterday we didn't even get out to go to church because of road conditions.  Many church services were cancelled.  We only had about three inches of snow, I think, but our car doesn't get around well on slick roads, and lots of local folks said the roads were bad.  

I feel so sorry for the animals when it's below zero.  There's been a stiff wind blowing, too, so wind chills were twenty to thirty below.  On my first visit to the chicken house today, Chickie was up on her shelf with her feathers all puffed out, and I was a little worried about her.  Last time I checked, though, she was more like herself, and when I picked her up she sang to me like always.  If she can only make it one more night, it's supposed to warm up to around thirty degrees tomorrow.  

Subway has a month-long special going on:  Any foot-long for $5.  The cold-cut combo is what we normally get, and it's always $5.  We'll take this opportunity to try some of the ones that normally cost more.  

I can't talk about Cora, because she hasn't been here.  Her mom was off two weeks for the holidays, and now her dad isn't working because of the cold weather.  They did bring her by for an hour or so Saturday while they messed with the horses, and Adam will probably bring her tomorrow for a few hours.  I told them it would be free, because we miss her and want to see her.  In the two weeks we didn't see her, she has become very proficient with her hands, and can pick up anything within reach and put it in her mouth.  

So that's it, just me checking in.  Nothing's particularly wrong, and I wanted my readers to know.  We're healthy, our bellies are full.  I still have that two pesky pounds to lose, and Cliff has more, but we'll get it done.  It's hard, when you're house-bound.  Reading and surfing the Internet doesn't burn a lot of calories.  


Paula said...

We're not as cold as you but it is very cold for south Texas. Glad you got to see your sweet little baby for a while.


Glad to hear Chickie is alright. These temps are brutual.

Margaret said...

I feel bad every time I complain about how cold it is and it's only in the 30s or 40s. I can't imagine the weather you are experiencing, nor could most of us handle it. (neither could our cars or houses,which would freeze!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This weather is blah...It's an effort to do much of anything in this cold. The forecast says it'll be warmer here after today too. I never thought I'd be thankful for 20 degree temps but I will.