Thursday, November 21, 2013

Missing cat

For three days now, I have not seen Mama Kitty.  I'm pretty sure she's dead.  She wasn't one to wander across roads, or even to neighboring properties, very much.  Since we had her neutered, she had no reason to go elsewhere.  Cliff thinks perhaps a coyote or fox got her.
I've been accustomed to finding two cats outside my door when I awake in the morning:  Jake, yowling and complaining, and Mama Kitty, a cat of few words: waiting silently, ready to lead me to the barn where they are fed... just in case I forgot where their food is kept.  

Mamma Kitty moved here when neighbors moved away and left her and her children behind.  I had no intention of taking her in, but she sneaked her way into my heart, winning me over with the resourceful methods she had of feeding her kittens.  She scrounged in the garbage and hunted for food.  Not a day went by that she didn't kill a mouse, a bird, or a rabbit.  Whatever it took to keep her family from starving.  To see her in action, click HERE.  

Most days she went with us on our walk and stayed with us from start to finish.  

Through the fallen leaves

and even in the snow.  

I know we can find another cat or two.  A local farmer has already offered me some, and if I take a couple and they stick around, I'm sure they will catch mice and rats, because they are already barn cats.  

But where do you find a cat that will take walks with you?  

I'm gonna miss that cat.


Kathy said...

That circle of life that we so bravely talk about when we lose a pet to 'the wild', just plain stinks.

So sorry Donna.

Back Porch Writer said...

I'm sorry about the cat but I know too well how you feel. A great disappointment when you are used to them being there. Our cats often follow us down the street. We have to be careful. I don't walk far b/c of the fact they follow.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry to hear about your cat. Hope you can find a good replacement.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I have had some outside cats adopt me over the years, and I always think I'm not going to get attached to them because I know how that usually turns out. But...they always seem to worm their way into my heart, and I always grieve over their loss and miss them when they stop showing up to eat. The worst I think is when there is no closure, the not knowing what happened to them. I can deal with knowing they're dead, but it just makes my heart ache not knowing if they're hurt and suffering, or locked or trapped somewhere and starving.

All that to say that I understand and empathize.



Jon said...

Anything to do with animals touches my heart - especially cats. I really hope that, through some miracle, Mama Kitty will return.

I wish I lived near you. I'm still caring for eight strays and two adorable kittens. I have plenty of cats to spare. I'd like to adopt the kittens but my own indoor cat Scratch is jealous of them and opposed to the idea.

Lori said...

Oh, so sorry Donna. I still hope she'll turn up. She sounds like my kind of cat.

Margaret said...

I have an outdoor stray cat and although we haven't bonded, I will be sad when he's gone. Mama Kitty sounds unique and very special. So sorry if she doesn't show back up!


So sad about mama cat.

Southern Gal said...

I am so sad Donna. My furr babies give me so much comfort. I hope she didn't suffer to long. She was a good mamma kitty.

Paula said...

I hope Mama Kitty comes home. I have had a cat that will go for walks and one that rode in the car. Its odd how they all have their own little personality. Susie has never been a cat to play and I had one that didn't meow. Sorry I didn't mean to take away from your sorrow. I really do hope you find her.

Sheila Y said...

Have you checked in trees? My parents cat went missing for 3 or 4 days and a neighbor seen him in a tree across the street. When we lived in Washington state our daughter's neutered male cat seemed to like hanging out at a neighboring house behind ours, but when my husband and I went walking around the neighborhood in the evening the cat would come out and walk with us all the way back home. He'd hang around a little while before leaving again. Hope Mama kitty comes home. Sheila