Monday, November 11, 2013

Bus trip to Iowa, part three

As we left the Kinze facility and headed to our motel, people began discussing what we might to on Friday morning, since we were finished with Kinze.  I kept telling Cliff, "The Dumont Museum in Sigourny is right on the way home!"  

I was telling him this repeatedly in hopes he would take charge and tell our tour guide about it, because she was frantically trying to find someplace that might be of interest to members of a tractor club.  She had called Farmall Land, which was a good distance out of our way, and some other tractor museum.  They all closed in October.  The owner of Farmall Land would have opened up for us, but he was out of state.  She suggested that we might go to the Amana Colonies, but hey, we would only have about four hours to spend.  I don't think that's enough time to do much at the Amana Colonies.  Plus the fact that a bunch of antique tractor nutcases might not be thrilled at that attraction anyhow.  

Oh, and by the way, she never got a return call from Mr. Kinzebaw, owner of the Kinze plant.  Like I said before, there is a three-year waiting list to see his tractor collection, and we were no more special than anybody else on the list.  

When we went to supper, Gloria was sitting in the front seat of the bus as we exited.  Since Cliff refused to pass any information along, I blurted out, "There is a tractor museum at Sigourney, Iowa, and it's on our way home, and they WILL open for us."  

She asked me how to spell Sigourney, but there were about a dozen hungry people behind me wanting to eat, and I was holding them up.  I figured she could ask me questions inside the restaurant.  As it turns out, she mentioned it to someone else in our group who had heard of it, and they told her enough about it for her to do do a search on the Internet on her IPad.  

By the time we were done eating, we were scheduled to visit the Dumont Museum.  Then back to our motel, which didn't look too promising on the outside but was clean and almost fancy on the inide.  It's the first time I ever stayed in a two-story motel room with a dining room and two televisions IN our room.    We ate a typical motel breakfast Friday morning and were on the road by 9 A.M.  It was only thirty-five miles to Sigourney, Iowa, so we didn't have far to go.  

A couple of folks asked me if we had been to the Dumont Museum before.  I told them that yes, we were there in 2009.  And that ANYBODY would enjoy it.      

Stay tuned for more.   


Margaret said...

Great job in helping to give imput n your trip. I love staying in hotels/motels; it's such an adventure. I've picked some bad ones in my time though. Just ask my kids about the Penny Saver Inn in Crescent City, CA. ;)


Sounds like you took charge so everybody would have a good time. That's great!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are enjoying the trip and had a good place to stay overnight too.