Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Cliff's brother took us to the hospital where we had a one o'clock appointment for Cliff to have a guided CT scan in radiology.  A needle would be inserted between his ribs to draw off a pocket of water below his liver (the nurses called it an abscess, although the doctor never used that term) and a tube would be inserted so the drainage could continue.  Now he has twin tubes, but he does seem to feel better except for soreness where the needle went through.  His poor liver has been through the wringer.  When they were done prying his gallbladder away from it the other day, they cauterized it.  Now this.  
He was awake for this procedure, because they had to have him hold his breath at times, but they used the same sort of drug to relax and semi-sedate him that is used during a colonoscopy, as well as a local anesthetic.  Because they had the needle so close to his lung, an X-ray was taken after they were done to make sure no damage was done to the lung.  
When he was brought out of the procedure, his color was better than it's been in two weeks.  He is sore from the needle, and he's taking Tylenol for that.  He has a prescription pain killer, but because it messes with his stomach, he refuses to take it.  
Let's hope he continues to improve.  I don't mind our having to deal with the tubes if he can get to feeling better.  Somewhere along the line it was mentioned that he might have to have the stent in the bile duct removed and a longer stent put in.  I don't know if that's a for-sure thing, or just something they were considering.  My brain is on overload.  
Once Cliff was in recovery yesterday we sent his brother home and called the oldest grandson to come and take us home.   When we arrived home, the whole yard had been mowed by our son-in-law, which was a load off Cliff's mind.  

The grandson and I went down in the woods Monday evening, and he fixed the fence.  Now the cows will have to stay home.  As always, Titan was right in the middle of things.  We intended to hunt for morels when we finished this job, but by the time we scaled the steep bank of the canyon a couple of times, we were out of the mood.

I set out some tomato and pepper plants yesterday morning, and planted a row of green beans.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm thankful you have some wonderful help there. I hope Cliff continues to feel better now and healing can begin. It's good he can take the Tylenol for his pain. Hope your Wednesday is a good one.

Melissa Wiggins said...

I'm so glad you have such a wonderful, caring family to help during times like these. Poor Cliff has really had a rotten time of it and we continue to send prayers and good vibrations to you and the family -- because if Cliff is suffering we know that you are struggling right along with him. Remember to keep your own strength up during this time. MGW


THANK goodness for family during difficult times. You are so blessed. I hope Cliff will soon come out of all this mess intact. But in the meanwhile, hang in there. Health problems can raise havoc for weeks and sometimes longer.

Margaret said...

What a great family you have! So glad that Cliff's color and health are improving. You planted veggies in the midst of all this? I'm going to call you Superwoman!!

Sister--Three said...

that liver thing sounds like what they had to do to Fleta. More than once and she said it looked liked dirty water they pulled off. She saw them drain it. Almost a coke bottle (2 liter) full. They called hers a cyst and it was full of gunk. Well, she is better and has not came back. thank heavens.

Cliff sure has had some bad luck...hope a better day is on the horizon. said...

You are an amazing woman. Between roosting chickens and those cows and sick husband, and making cheese and all the other things you do. I am glad your sil and grandson came to help out you guys. Now that infection is drained out maybe Cliff will get better. I know before I knew my gallbladder was bad I felt sick all the time. I kept telling my family and even my Dr. Finally When the pain hit really bad I went to ER. And had surgery a couple days later. It was the most painful thing I have ever went through. You don't realize how much you use your stomache muscles until something like that happens.
I wish you and Cliff some peace and calm after all the excitement.

Lori said...

I'm so glad you have family that can help out. I hope Cliff continues to feel better, and hopefully they won't have to put in a longer stint.

krueth said...

So thankful your family is there to help out. That big dog looks like a bear in the woods..ha! Glad Cliff is starting to look and feel some better. Prayers for him and you too! Wendy