Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Preparing for the worst at a tractor club meeting

The Mid-Mo tractor club meets monthly.  There are about four men present for every woman that shows up, but since Cliff likes me to go along, I do.  A few ladies bring delicious, fattening, home-made cakes and snacks for members to eat when the meeting is over.  Cliff loves that little extra; I take my Ipad and read a book while he talks to the other guys and eats; you surely know by now that I am not that social a person.  It's just as well, because when I try to make small talk with people I don't know, I usually end up saying the wrong thing and insulting them, although it isn't intentional, and I never realize what I've said wrong until later.  
Things discussed at meetings include: which of various local events the members want to attend with their tractors to put them on display; setting dates for tractor drives and shows; and deciding when next to meet at Catfish Charlie's and pig out.
Right after we joined the club, they had a date to go to Catfish Charlie's, which we declined.  It's so expensive to eat out, and we get all the catfish we want from our neighbor across the road.  All I have to do is cook it.  As it turns out, we were glad we stayed home, because an elderly lady had a heart attack and died instantly while they were there.  I don't need that kind of excitement.
Because the majority of our club members are senior citizens, it was decided that perhaps we should be prepared in case something like that happened again, and fund-raisers were held to get enough money together to buy some sort of portable machine that would shock a dead heart back to life.  It is now brought to all meetings, events, and get-togethers, just in case someone has a myocardial infarction.  One club member is a nurse.  She is the one who secured this machine for us, and she has given lessons in how to use it.  It's simpler than you might think.
At our last meeting, she had been invited to give a brief lesson in CPR so that we could add that to our arsenal of preparedness.  She told us she had tried in vain to get a dummy to use, but, as she said, "It's harder to get a dummy than you might think."
So she used her husband.  (Insert giggle here.)

Yeah, we have a full-service tractor club.  Don't try dying on OUR watch.  

That's our club president standing beside the nurse.  

Cliff is a little stronger each day.  Some foods still taste "off" to him, and his sense of smell is all messed up, but he has enough of an appetite that we are back to our regular "healthy" eating, for the most part.  Monday we will go bright and early for him to get a CT scan, and if that looks all right to the doctor, the tube will be pulled at 10:30 A.M.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You really do have a full service club there. Nice you have the benefit of a nurse there. Glad Cliff feels up to getting out as I know he loves his tractors.

Lori said...
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Lori said...

Great post! I think that's a good idea to have a de-fib machine and some training in case of an emergency. Glad Cliff's appetite is getting better.


Glad Cliff might get that last tube out. Got a kick out of the video.

Paula said...

Mosie you seem very social on facebook. You kind of tickled me here and made me think of my neighbor who is from up north. He has lived here two years and he still hasn't told us his last name. John told him we watch his house when he is gone and I said yeah we don't call that nosy we call it friendly.

Margaret said...

Patt would have snickered at the dummy husband comment and said, "Of course!" :) Glad that you are so well prepared there at those meetings. Cliff is doing so much better-yay!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Glad to hear your hubby is getting out and about and feeling stronger.

You sound a lot like me, I'm not very social either. I "talk" better to people blogging than I do in person.

That must have been such a shock to have the woman die at the restaurant. It must have been her time, but it was not what the customers would want to see while dining again!