Monday, May 06, 2013

Moving right along

We had a pretty good weekend.  We had a lot of company, and Cliff could have used more "down time", but all in all, he seems to be gaining strength; he walked to the shop and back twice yesterday.  He had some bad hours of discomfort last night from midnight to 3:30 A.M., which was worrisome, but he's sleeping now.  He has an appointment with the surgeon this morning.  He is eating real food, and I've heard him say "I'm hungry" a couple of times.  

Meanwhile, I think I may have some fence to mend again, this time between us and the new neighbor to the west.  When I went outside yesterday evening, Gracie was grazing happily in the front yard!  No gates had been left open, so unless she sprouted wings, a break in that particular fence-line is the only way she could have gotten from point A to point B.  After Cliff settled back into peaceful slumber this morning, all I could do was lay there and worry about the cows getting out, so I am a bit sleep-deprived.  If the silly cows are within calling distance when I go out to milk, I'll lock them in the lot until we return from the doctor.  When we get home I'll walk the fence in hopes of finding the problem, hoping it's something I can fix.  Maybe a tree fell on it, taking it to the ground.  It's mushroom time, so someone might have cut the barbed wire to get onto our place with greater ease.  It's happened before, more than once.  Can you believe people take such liberties with the property of others?  I do have another livestock panel I could drag down there and wire over a significant break in the fence.  It worked for the other spot.  And why is it that all these problems waited to happen until Cliff is sidelined, anyhow?      
Saturday I found six morel mushrooms.  They would have made a nice snack for me, but I really wanted more.  Of course Cliff won't be having any fried mushrooms at this point, nor does he desire any.  Yesterday I went to the woods again, and found thirteen more morels, all in one spot!  So now I can "pig out", and I will have had my fill for this year.  
I think I deserve a mess of mushrooms.  I reached my goal weight of 160 and have since lost four more pounds.  I do believe I'm going to make it down to 150.    

Thanks to my daughter, my computer's connection problem seems to be fixed.  For over a year it's been losing connection, sometimes several times a day.  I knew the router wasn't the problem, since there was never an issue with other computers and devices.  It's so nice to sit here and do a blog entry without having to reboot two or three times to finish it.  



Glad Cliff is on the mend. He just needs time. Glad his appetite has returned. It's a crying shame about the fence, especially if someone cut it. How dare they. SERIOUSLY. Hope you find the problem asap and the cows stay put.

Back Porch Writer said...

Hope you find the problem with the fence (and some more mushrooms). Sad that people will actually damage a neighbor's property over a few mushrooms. It's bad enough to steal the mushrooms. Don't you wish a hand would come down from the sky and slap them on their silly butt when they did that. I'm sorry imagining that is funny. Anyway, hope Cliff gets a good report and maybe the doc will be able to explain why he had such discomfort over night. Hope he is not overdoing it.
Ya'll have a great day.

Celeste Sanders said...

Glad he is doing better. I hate fence issues(have had plenty) If his bed is not elevated at the head you might want to consider it. After my gallbladder surgery, I developed GERD(acid reflux). THis has happened to several people I know. The walking is good. Great news on your weight!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad Cliff's appetite is improving and hope the doctor appointment goes well. Too bad about the fence...hope it's something you can take care of easily.

Lori said...

You certainly do deserve a big mess of morels! I'm so glad Cliff is eating and getting his strength back. Looks like all will be well; it's just going to take some time.

Margaret said...

You deserve those mushrooms and more. You are one tough lady!! xoxo