Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saving money on books

As I perused the website at, I found a book I really wanted.  Unfortunately, I felt it was a little high-priced for a paperback book.  Any time I find myself in this situation, I check on, a division of Ebay.  90% of the time, I'm in luck, as I was with this book.  Unlike Ebay, there's no bidding.  The worst thing about this is that the postage often costs more than the book I'm buying, but I still save lots of money.  
The book is $16.95 new; I got it for $2.96 plus $3.49 shipping.  The seller listed it as being in satisfactory condition, but I would say it's in "like new" condition.  I was pretty lucky, because today there are no copies of this particular book for sale there.  (After doing this entry, I checked and found many copies of the book there for under $4.) is especially helpful if you are looking for an old, out-of-print book.  Those are often the cheapest, because there's no demand for them.  If you are as old as I am, you might remember Gale Storm:  My Little Margie and Oh Suzanna were TV shows in which she starred; she also had a couple of successful recordings.  One time I found out she had written a book in the 80's and I wanted to read it.  Sure enough, there it was on  I see there's a copy of it there right now for 75 cents.  
Just thought I would throw that out there.  It's one of the two best places to save money on books; the other is, which right now has a seller with an old copy of Gale Storm's book for a penny, plus $3.99 shipping.  Not that any of my readers are probably interested in that particular book.    
Maybe everybody already knew about these resources, but it never hurts to pass a little information along.     


Mrs. L said...

This is great!!! Thanks. I have also discovered the library. I am saying that with a straight face, too.


I used to sell books on eBay before came along. I always buy used books if I can. It's the perfect way to recycle them. I love Amazon too. Great advice.

CountryDew said...

I didn't know about Thanks!

Margaret said...

I use amazon a lot (too much) because I feel like I'm personally driving bookstores out of business. But it is SO convenient and cheap. I've never used half price books, but it sounds like a great resource. Like Mrs. L. I also use my public library or download books from it, if it has them.

Rockintnc said...

Thanks for the tip on
Here's a couple of more places for books. sells new and used books from bookstores across the country. It tells you which store etc in the listings. Like you said the shipping is usually more than the book. It's still cheaper than buying gas and driving to town. haha The other place I've not used is that has new used and rare books at it.
Been in the yard all day enjoying this beautiful Ozark weather! Nita

Melissa Wiggins said...

I loved Gale Storm -- watched her show religiously as a kid; even had her paper dolls. MGW