Monday, April 08, 2013

My favorite time

It's finally warm enough so that I can go outside and watch the sun come up.  Mornings have always been my favorite time of the day, especially when I can get out and stroll around our property.

Cliff planted clover last fall on a small piece of our property that we haven't used for a long time, so I went to watch the cows enjoying their breakfast.

For several years, the former neighbor kept his horse in this area; in return, he let Cliff use the pole barn you see in the background for storage; he really misses that space, by the way.  He stored implements there, and sometimes a tractor, and any surplus hay.  That neighbor moved away, and we decided we may as well have some good grazing for the cows in that lot.  Cliff walked the fence and found it had been neatly cut in a couple of spots where someone had been riding a four-wheeler through the place.  Can you believe people?  We'll need to keep an eye on the fence in case they decide to do it again.

The cows got their bellies full and started wandering around in the woods, tasting various plants and pieces of brush.

This is George, although we tend to call him "Whitey" more than we do George; if I call him by his name, Cliff will say, "Who?"  He doesn't name the cows around here, and he never knows which one is which.  I want George to eat and grow, since he will supply us with meat for the freezer next fall or winter.

Words can't even express how much I love being outside at daybreak!

Sometimes they make that clover look so tasty I could almost give it a try myself.

At one point while I was watching cows and taking pictures, Jody walked up behind me and started licking my back.  Pay attention and you'll hear the birds singing in the background in this video.  Wait, did I mention how much I love this time of day?


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed your morning walk. It must be wonderful to be out in the country like that. Your Jody does love you. Maybe saying thanks for the tasty clover. Hope you have a good Monday!

Melissa Wiggins said...

A little wet out there this morning? It sure was when I walked the dogs in the park -- which is not nearly as pretty a walk as the one you get to take on your own property. How the boys to love to run-run-run through a field.


Got a kick out of Jody licking your coat.