Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Great rainy day

We only allow ourselves to eat out once a week.  This morning I woke up wanting biscuits and gravy in the worst way.  A cousin recommended The Big Biscuit in Blue Springs a while back, so I figured this would be the perfect day to eat there, what with the rain and all.  
The food was great and the waitresses were friendly.  

I had the Country Benedict.  Cliff had Jim's Platter and one of my sausages, because I was full.  Even then, I couldn't finish all my food, so I brought some home to the chickens.  

I still keep track of my calories on Sparkpeople, but I didn't want to have to guess how much gravy I had and how many calories were in the sausages.  I hunted through the options on Sparkpeople and found one I figured would have at least as much calories as my breakfast.  Notice that for lunch Cliff and I split a small Blizzard at Dairy Queen.  The reason we split one instead of getting two Mini-Blizzards is that it's cheaper that way.  OK, maybe we both get a bite or two more, also.  It's 4:30 now and I am still not hungry, so if I ate nothing for supper my calorie total would be great.  I'm not going to skip supper, though.

We had an appointment with a lawyer after breakfast.    

Then we went pickup shopping, just for fun.  Cliff has always preferred to drive a pickup, but once the kids were eight and ten years old it was impossible for our family to fit in a truck, so we switched to cars.  Our last two cars have been very economical to drive, and trucks don't get nearly as good gas mileage, but I say if he wants a truck, he should have one.  He is very specific in what he wants:  
Although he's always been a Ford man, he says the newer Fords are ugly.  So now he wants a Chevy.  It has to be white and it has to have cloth seats; we are both sick of leather seats that make us sweat in summer and freeze us in winter.  He wants the extended cab, and he wants four-wheel-drive.  
Cliff shopping for pickups in the rain

We went to a dealer in Blue Springs where Cliff talked to a salesman in the rain about a 2004 pickup for $18,000.  WHAT????  For an old truck like that?
So then we went to Noland Road in Independence, where you can find almost any kind of car dealer you want.  We met a nice saleslady with an Austrian accent who showed us a beautiful 2011 model, and suddenly the 2004 model started sounding better.  The lady said if a pickup is four-wheel-drive, that drives the price up $5,000.
We are in no hurry, so we'll have fun looking.  
I have to tell you, though, that I really did fall in love with that 2011 truck.  But that's just me.  



Cars and trucks seem to retain their value on a car lot but not in the driveway after you buy them and bring them home. So enjoy looking.

Margaret said...

That blizzard sounds yummy--I'm sorry I discovered that they have turtle pecan ones. Now I might have to try one!! I'm not tempted by biscuits and gravy, but I LOVE eggs like scrambles and omelets. Yum! I drive a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer(SUV) with all wheel and 4 wheel drive. It's been a great vehicle. My husband was a Ford pick up man too, although he did use a Chevy HiCube van for work. :) I like pick ups; there are lots around here.

ingasmile said...

We buy most of our vehicles from craigslist these days. Dealers think that trucks especially those with 4-wheel drive are made of gold. No thanks. I would rather pay an individual than pay a dealership. Having said that, whenever I want to test drive a car I go to CarMax, I have never had any pressure from their sales people to buy, but they have been most helpful with the test drive and checking our features. Plus, you can look at the vehicles online before going in. Saves time.


Rachel said...

I LOVE the big biscuit. Yum. Now I'm hungry.

Lori said...

Thomas found Eler Beth's truck on Craigslist, and it was exactly what she and he both wanted for her in a truck. He got his truck off Craigslist as well, but my Beemer we got from our local BMW mechanic. We knew it would be a good one if we got it from him.