Friday, October 29, 2010

Why we don't want a motorcycle camper

Because it keeps coming up in comments, I'm going to tell you the specific reasons why we don't want a camper to pull behind our motorcycle.  
The top reason is that they cost $3,500 and more, at least for the models on a website someone gave me.  Now, if we were twenty years younger, we might make such an investment.  But our motorcycle-riding years will come to an end in a few years.  
The second reason we don't want a camper is that we wouldn't have nearly as much storage space as we have with our Aluma trailer.  Most of the space would be taken up by the material that makes up the camper.  
Let's say we head out one morning with our leathers on, because it's cold.  As the day warms up, we start shedding clothes.  Do you know how much room those leather jackets and chaps require?  It's simple take them off and toss them inside the trailer.  We love having it for suitcases and clothes and, of course, the laptop (just in case we find someplace with wi-fi).  There's lots of room for everything we need inside the trailer, and we can strap a tent and sleeping bags on the top.  

This thing is sturdy enough to stand on, if you had a notion to.  Cliff says he can't even tell it's there, as we travel down the highway.  Notice the shelf in front where we can put a cooler.    
So no, we aren't interested in a camper, unless somebody is volunteering to buy it for us as a gift.  Even then, we'd probably opt to leave it home so we could take our nice, roomy trailer.  


Lindie said...

just get a good air mattress!

Donna said...

We already have one, Lindie; I brought it from my cabin, which I never use any more.

Sonya said...

That little trailer is CUTE! I love it. It's perfect for what you need.