Saturday, October 23, 2010

T-shirts. I got 'em.

I brought my winter clothes in from storage last week.  They lay piled on the guest room bed for a few days because, until I put away some summer clothes, there was no space for them.  
Finally I tackled the job of bagging up the summer shorts; this being Missouri, I left one pair in the drawer just in case.  
I no longer have dress-up clothing.  None.  Nada.  I have some slacks and sweaters I can wear to church or to a funeral, but not a dress do I own, nor any fancy pant suit.  I got tired of buying something semi-dress-up, never wearing it, and watching it go out of style in my closet.  My summer uniform is T-shirts and shorts.  In winter, it's sweatshirts and jeans or sweat pants.  
I figured I'd put away most of the T-shirts until next spring, so I dug through the contents of three drawers, only to find T-shirts I forgot I owned and had not worn in months... maybe even years.  
See, when you have so many, you end up using the same five or six that are on the top.  At least that's what happened to me.  
I have two (count 'em, TWO) Travis Tritt shirts.  I really like Travis, but he hasn't had a hit song in years; I imagine if somebody saw me wearing one of those shirts, they'd be thinking, "Travis who?"  I've had these so long that in the picture on each shirt, Travis' hair is still really long. 
There's a George Jones shirt I bought at a (pathetic) concert a few years back.  I probably haven't worn it more than four times.  Why did I buy it?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I did wear it once when we went to see Moe Bandy in Branson; Moe asked me, "Where did you see the Possum (that's George's nickname)?"
Of course there are the motorcycle-themed T-shirts:  One from the Hub resort in Arkansas, two from Biker Sundays at the motorcycle church, one from Ted's in St. Louis, a couple of Gold Wing shirts.... you get the picture.  
Folks, I ended up with a bulging trash bag full of nothing but T-shirts that will be stored for yet another winter and then put back into three drawers next spring.  
I think I've uncovered my hoarding tendencies. 

I have two Pioneer Woman T-shirts that have never been worn because they are far too small for me.   Maybe I should have a T-shirt giveaway on my blog.  


Lindie said...

I haven't worn my PW shirt either. Tried it on and it was snug!

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Me...too!!! I gave away allll my dress-up and corporate clothes when we moved to the high country.....and i think t-shirts multiply in the drawers, when we're not looking.....


Sherry said...

How did you get a PW t-shirt? love your blog, hugsssssss

Pat said...

Hi Donna...You're like me, I have to box up summer clothes to make room for the winter clothes. I can't seem to have enough storage space. We're having such a beautiful fall day here in Virginia. I'm just loving it. I hope the rest of your weekend is a good one.

Paula said...

I'm a tee shirt person too. I have one from every place I've been even No-where Okalahoma. Trouble here one day you wear winter clothes and the next maybe summer. Hard to ever have enough storage space.

That corgi :) said...

even when I lived in a place where there was definite changes in the season,I never boxed up winter to summer or summer to winter, maybe because I didn't have much to box up. I like to wear a tee-shirt under a sweat shirt to keep warm in the upcoming winter months or use them (tee shirts) when I exercise at the gym. if you had a tee shirt giveaway, count me in :)