Friday, September 25, 2009

Morning ride

Yesterday evening I took Blue out on the road, the first time in a long time.  He needs his feet toughened up again; the rocks really bothered him, and he kept going over to the grassy areas beside the road for relief.

Several things have kept me from riding this summer:  I’m lazy, for one thing, and I don’t like to change clothes just to ride.  It would be easier if I could just go outside and hop aboard Blue when the mood hits; but every item of my clothing, from underwear to boots, has to be changed.  I won’t go into sickening detail here:  Let’s just say that some things tend to bind and bounce when you’re riding, and the wrong underwear can be a great cause for discomfort.  So there’s that.

The number one reason for my not getting on my horse is that my right knee gives me fits these days when I’m riding.  Somehow, the position of that knee when I’m in the saddle is the perfect position for making it pop.  So it pops in and out randomly.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

However, I rode last night, and vowed to ride Blue at least five days a week, weather permitting, even if I only ride for a half-hour.  This morning I rode in the pasture.


I rode back to the point at which I can look down over the Missouri river bottom.  That light area just between the gray, low-lying cloud and the furthest line of trees is where the river is, but what you see is not the river:  it’s fog, produced as a result of the river being warmer than the cool morning air.


Bonnie seemed surprised to see Blue with a passenger on his back.


Little Sir Loin had been hidden in the woods asleep, but he heard me talking to Blue and came to see what was happening.

You will never see Blue’s ears all perky and alert when we’re in the pasture, because he’s bored; after all, it’s his home.  He knows where every blade of grass is.  There are no surprises.  When we’re off our property, he’s always on the alert.  He doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Feel free to remind me from time to time that I’m going to ride my horse more regularly… pain and laziness be damned!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love seeing your pictures when you are on a ride. There has got to be something relaxing about that even if you do have those bothersome pains. I know what knee pain is and I give you lots of credit for riding anyway. I'm sitting here watching some little wolf sparrows a couple of chickadees and the nut hatches eating at my feeder at the campsite. It is a little bit of heaven for me. I'll try a walk around a little bit later today. I've got my camera battery charging
Have a great Friday!

madcobug said...

Glad that you rode for a while. Loved the pictures. Helen

Ora said...

I know Blue misses the rides...but he doesn't miss out on much of good lovin and caring...take care of that knee...hugs...Ora

Midlife Mom said...

I've been a slacker lately. In the spring when Little Bud was put on his diet I was riding almost every day. Even in the rain, which we had a lot of. But lately I haven't been doing so well. Miss T has taken over my horse. She wants me to ride the pony. That ain't going to happen!

Paula said...

Isn't it too bad our little body parts keep us from enjoying what we used to? Guess we just have to be thankful we are still standing perpendicular and do what we can like you are.

Diane said...

I agree with Paula's comments. It is kind of sad when you are emotionally ready to take on the world, but your body screams NOT!
Oh well, it is what it is!

Leilani Lee said...

I know all about knees that won't behave. And totally off the topic, wondering John Prine did Angel from Montgomery at the concert you attended...

Donna said...

Indeed he did, Leilani! And all my old favorites, actually: Sam Stone, Hello in There, etc. etc. All the songs you remember best by John Prine, he did them.

Muhd Imran said...

Always a wonderful feeling riding a horse. I have had two rides while I was in California and Texas. All three of us enjoy them very much.

You are blessed to actually own horses to ride and care for.

Wishing you h ave more wonderful rides like this in the future.