Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Planning our next day trip

I’m always looking for places to go on the motorcycle, places with interesting attractions.  One spot I’ve had in mind for ages is Jefferson City:  We can get there without ever getting on a freeway, and it’s only about a two-hour trip.

I’ve been wanting to take in the State Capitol; Cliff seems less than enthusiastic about this, but sometimes he’ll warm up to a place, once he gets there.

I’ve just now found out about the Jefferson Landing and the Missouri State Museum.

Thanks to Missouri Life magazine, I discovered it’s possible to tour the Missouri State Penitentiary!  It must be a pretty popular activity, because you have to schedule in advance.  There are no longer any prisoners there, by the way.

Ah yes, the planning of these trips is half the fun; that, and convincing Cliff how much fun we’re going to have at all these places.

Back to Missouri Life:  There’s a great article in the latest issue about some people who raise free-range hogs in south Missouri.  “Manhattan hot spots like Bar Boulud, Lupa, and Momofuku Ssam not only serve the Newmans’ products, they often give them prime billing on the menu. “BBQ Rib Sandwich (Newman’s Farm, Mo.)” brags the menu at Momofuku.”

Now that’s some classy swine.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We have a correctional facility here in Ohio that has also been closed and gives tours. At halloween they do some spooky things there but I'm not one to want a scare so I won't go...I think it would be scary enough with out the halloween activities. I recently had some Neumann coffee I guess they branched out into several different areas. It is good coffee too!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

How about a trip to Oregon?

Donna said...

There's a reason I call them "day trips". I'd love to see that part of the country, not to mention Wyoming and Montana. I've never seen the Grand Canyon.

Cliff hates long drives; if I weren't a non-driver, I could probably talk him into some cross-country trips. As it is, the farthest we're likely to go is Colorado, and I imagine the only way we'll get THERE again is on the motorcycle. That motorcycle has been a Godsend for getting Cliff on the road!