Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Ipod

My daughter got me an excellent buy on a used Ipod; someone at work was upgrading to... I don't know, an Itouch or an Iphone? Anyhow, this thing is like brand new, and I'm learning how to use it, little by little.

It has 30 gigabytles, which is about five times as much storage as my very first Windows 98 computer had. I've been at my computer all morning adding entire CD's to the thing; I now have ten hours of music on my Ipod, and I've only used one gigabyte.

The thing is so smart! I can choose to listen to a certain artist, or a particular album, or randomly play everything on it. I added a Green Day CD I had burned off my granddaughter's CD, and the Ipod somehow knew who the artists were, and what songs... on a home-made CD!

I have no idea how long it will play on a charge... anybody know?

I think I have the basics figured out, thanks to my daughter’s help; my next move is to learn how to get it to play through my fancy-schmancy radio/CD speakers.

Speaking of how thoroughly modern I’m becoming, I’m liking this Windows Live Writer more all the time; what would I do without my blogger buddies giving me hints and suggestions? Not to mention how you all help me figure out what sort of bird is in my yard, or what kind of flower is growing in my flowerbed.

My readers are the best in the world!

On a random note, I still have hummingbirds, although I think the males may be gone; I haven’t noticed any red throats for a couple of days. And those goldfinches that everybody said would disappear? They have, although they didn’t leave as early as predicted. They are supposed to be back once their little families leave the nest, only not as yellow as they were before. I certainly hope so; I miss them.


Here’s one of my favorite things about living out here in the pasture. I can look out the window and see my cows or horses grazing!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love my Ipod and although I haven't used it in awhile also have alot of my pictures stored on it. I just don't have time to update it very often. You do have a beautiful view! Have a great Thursday!

Pat/Texas said...

When the weather changed here in Central Texas, the hummers swarmed my feeder. Honestly, adding food several times per day. A lot are gone now but still have about 7-8 this morning. For several days, there were two orioles drinking from the feeder. They would land on it and push their beak way down in. I have never seen orioles even in or around my yard. I will miss the hummers when they decide to leave but I won't miss the hot summer we have just had.

Astaryth said...

I'm down to two little hummingbirds visiting me right now... but I think maybe I will see more as they start to migrate south. Anyone know where the migrate to? Hmmm... need to google LOL!

I knew you were going to like livewriter. I started using it when a lot of us were still doing AOL journals and mirroring our posts at blogger. It would upload directly to Blogger, then I would switch to HTML view, copy the code and paste that into AOL Journals. Made the whole thing simple and practically automated :)

Enjoy that Ipod. Aren't the little mP3 players great? I don't have an I-pod. I am waiting till the Touch has a camera on it. Till then I have a little 2gig Sansa clip. It is very small and clips right on to whatever I am wearing. I will still keep it even if I 'upgrade' to an Itouch cause it is so convenient to take places like the barn. Also it was pretty inexpensive, so if I drop it I don't want to kill myself AND it also has FM radio for when I don't want to listen to my own tunes. :)

Leilani Lee said...

My hummingbirds are still here (southern Missouri) but I anticipate they will leave soon. I can hear them squeaking at each other even before the sun comes up. Good deal with the IPod. I can barely operate my cell phone...

Candice said...

Enjoy your ipod. There are many docking stations that you can buy for it that will allow you to charge it, while listening to the music through speakers. They range from fairly inexpensive, to expensive depending on what kind of sound quality you are looking for.

I have a couple of Bose docking stations for mine and I love it. One is wireless, and one isn't. Makes it handy to take it anywhere and annoy people with my music. ;)

Debbie said...

You sure have me beat with all this new fangled stuff. I didn't even know what an Ipod looked like or what it was for until a few weeks ago. I felt kind of silly asking.

Terri said...

I LOVE my Ipod...listen to it daily either at work or home... I have a docking station that I got as a gift from my employer at my 5yr mark a few years charges the Ipod and you can listen to it through the speakers... mine is only like 2gb though, holds a little over 500 songs...eventually I would like to upgrade...