Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A couple of Youtube videos to make you smile

I think perhaps I'm the last person in the world who had not seen this until yesterday; my daughter and sister-in-law were talking about the little boy who quotes presidents (a "Funniest Home Video" clip) and my curiousity was aroused. So Rachel looked it up and sent me the Youtube link. What amazed me most was how young the kid was.

Then this morning I received an amazing video from Maria, one of my longtime Internet friends. If you like smart, well-trained dogs, this one's for you:


Pat said...

Thank you for your post on remembering the 911 victims and their familes. I loved the videos you sent..especially the one about the dogs...so cute!

Faye said...

Thank You for the dog video. I miss the variety shows that I watched as a child with the dog acts.