Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my enthusiasm most.

I don't get excited about too many things these days.  Back when I had Blue, my wonderful horse, I was enthusiastic about every ride.  When I had the dog before last, Sadie, I looked forward to our morning walks in the pasture because she kept us entertained jumping in the air to catch the sticks we'd throw.  You'll find an example of that on THIS ENTRY of my blog.  Walking isn't a pleasure when you know it's going to hurt, so my walks these days are seldom and slow.  Oh, and Sadie choked on a pork bone and died.    

Then was our motorcycle phase.  

Not to mention my lifelong love of Jersey cows:  Nothing is more exciting than waiting nine months after a cow is bred, running out to check on her, and finding a healthy newborn heifer calf.  I have blogged about all these topics, and much more.  Those parts of my life are past.

I still anxiously await Cora's arrival, weekday mornings.  I never realize how enthusiastic I am about her company until she's been away for a week or two; then I can't wait to see her!

I sometimes worry about my lack of enthusiasm.  For one thing, it's an early possible sign of dementia.  The main thing, though, is that enthusiasm equals excitement, and it's fun to be excited about something.  You know, like a kid before Christmas.

However, this morning I came to a realization.  I'm an early riser, and no matter how many aches and pains I wake up with, I am always excited knowing daybreak is coming.  The guest bedroom window faces east, so I find myself walking to that end of the hallway to see if day is starting to dawn.  When there's barely enough light outside to see where I'm walking, I'm out there soaking it up.  Little by little the eastern sky starts glowing, the sun comes up, and another day begins.  There's usually a cool breeze blowing at that time, and it almost feels like the breeze is gently washing my face to awaken me.  

I just took a card out of the camera to see what pictures I've taken lately and found this one.

This morning was cloudy, so the sunrise was nothing to brag about.  However, that bright star that shines near the rising sun so often (Venus?) was shining like a beacon.  Although I'm not sure of the name of that star, it's my favorite because it reminds me of Jesus.  I'm not even sure it's always the same star there year around, but it's my favorite star.  Why does it remind me of Jesus?  Because when I was a child, a song we often sang at Church was "Lily of the Valley".

"He's the lily of the valley
The bright and morning star..."

When I see the bright star and think of those words, I pause and tell Jesus and the Father good morning.

Yes, I have a great enthusiasm for early mornings.  I guess I'm not dead yet.  


Margaret said...

I love this post! I am 60, but feel like circumstances have trained me not to get too excited about anything. It doesn't mean I'm not happy or joyful, just that I offset that with realism about things that can and do happen. Then I go on and try to enjoy every moment, especially those small and precious ones.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You and me both! I look forward to each new day. In my new home I don't get a view of the sunrise...there wi a lot in the way and I don't see it till mid morning. I do get a great view of the sunset though. It always reminds me to be thankful for each day !

krueth said...

Great post...I can always find something to be thankful for and to look forward to.
The group of kids singing was wonderful. We used to sing that song in church, haven't thought of it in a long time. I completely enjoyed it. I get the sunrise here and the sunset as well. I love living in the country and enjoying nature, the birds singing again now that its spring, the frogs are singing too, and the fresh new spring smells too, minus the skunk smells..ha! Wendy


sounds like your enthusiasm for sun rising is fully in tact. i too enjoy the early morning show mother nature puts on.